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Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) Supplementary Regulations for Course Management

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In order to strengthen and perfect the course management of TIEI, maintain normal education orders, cultivate qualified engineering leaders, TIEI course management regulations, which obey and execute the fundamental ofTianjin University Graduate Student Management RegulationsandTianjin University Graduate Students Course Management Regulations, combining with the actual situation of our institute, this additional management regulation is intentionally formulated.

Chapter One.Graduate Students

Article one. TIEI cultivates full-time professional master degree candidate, which has a three-year eductional system and begin from the registration day.

Article two. Students should obey classroom disciplines consciously during classes. Absenteeism, late or leaving early are not permitted. Without the teachers’ permission, students shouldn’t leave the classroom arbitrarily. Students cannot taking classes because of sickness or other reasons should ask for leave in advance.

Article three. Students’ attendance rates are measured by lecturers or teachers of teaching affairs through spot checking. One’s examination qualification will be canceled and his final grade of this class will be zero, if he matches one of those three conditions of this class.

1.Absence without any reasons three times (tested by spot check).

2.Missing over one third of the class in one semester.

3.The submitted homework or reports less than two third of total.

Article four. Students should finish the topic selection and planation of the thesis in second semester. Admitted by adviser, in the beginning of the fourth semester, students should figure out the thesis defense time and finish the thesis writing and thesis defense within the time that educational system regulated.

Article five. Thesis topic selection should be a foresightedness project which conforms to the industry development. Research achievement will contribute to solving practical industry problems.

Article six. TIEI does not have compulsive requirement about publishing academic papers.

Article seven. During studying abroad, students should strictly obey the school’s homework requirement and grading rules where they take the course. Homework or report should be edited to unified forms that teachers required.

Article eight. If some courses that are required by current training scheme of our school were learned before enrollment, students can apply for exemption or pass without exam about these courses two weeks before the classes begin. When applying, students should submit academic transcript, course outline and any other relative materials provided by undergraduate school’s dean's office. Also, the exemption should be agreed by supervisor and the grades and credits should be checked and affirmed by course director.

Article nine. The credits of core courses and compulsory part that regulated by graduate student training scheme must be attained in this school.

Article ten. The courses opened by foreign experts that regulated by training scheme are not permitted to apply for exemption or pass without examine principal.

Article eleven. Graduate students who conform to one of following condition can apply for course exemption.

1.Undergraduate school is “985” project university, and course grade is over 85.

2.Undergraduate school is “211” project university, and course grade is over 90.

Article twelve. Exemption course still needs to participate in the course assessments, and the grade of this course is not included into the scholarship evaluation.

Article thirteen. Implement real-time teaching-quality-evaluation mechanism. Different majors should form their teaching quality evaluation team individually, who will feedback the students’ advices to teaching steering committee to provide a reference for improving the teaching quality.

Chapter Two.Teacher

Article fourteen. Teacher should make detailed arrangements about teaching objectives, teaching content, teaching methods and examination forms of each unit. Unusually, each course should be composed of theory courses, exercise courses and practice courses. Each part occupies one third approximately.

Article fifteen. The examination of graduate courses should be done after completing teaching procedures in accordance with the requirements of the teaching syllabus. And it is required to be compound examination.

Article sixteen. All the courses need written examination that taken on the papers.

Article seventeen. The courses final grades should be composed of regular grade and written exam grade. Regular grade (usually, less than 30%) can be comprehensively assessed by experiments, homework, practices and reports.

Article eighteen. Examination papers and grading standards should be ready within one week before the examination. Teachers and teaching managers should preserve the papers and keep them secret.

Article nineteen. Within three weeks after the examination, teachers should submit the final grades into system. After the institution’s auditing, teachers are required to submit scoring basis (attendance, report, homework and presentation) of regular grade, written examination papers, Tianjin International Engineering Institution Regular Grade Record Chart, Tianjin International Engineering Institution Regular Grade and Written Grade Registration Form and Tianjin University Postgraduates Performance Assessment Report, which are unified stored and managed by institute.



Appendix1: Tianjin International Engineering Institution Regular Grade Record Chart

Appendix 2: Tianjin International Engineering Institution Regular Grade and Written Grade registration form

2.When teachers submit the grade to graduate school system, Tianjin University Postgraduates Performance Assessment Report will be automatically generated, which can be printed.