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Peer Evaluation Table of Teachers' Teaching Work and Teaching Quality (Business Mentor) of TIEI

Teacher's Name


Teacher’s Title

Course Name

Student Grade, Major

Evaluation Time

Evaluation Index

Main Points


Self-Evaluation Result











Impart Knowledge and Educate People

lPractice ethics norms, set a good example as a teacher, impart knowledge and educate people

lTeach students in accordance with their aptitude, stimulate students' desire for knowledge, pay attention to the cultivation of the students' innovative ability and lifelong learning ability

lCare for students, set strict goals to the students, be welcomed and appreciated by students


Teaching Attitude

lUnderstand the goal of talent cultivation, actively participate in teaching research activities and revision of the professional training scheme

lAccept work schedule of TIEI and fulfill the teaching work seriously

lUnderstand and strictly carry out the teaching management regulations of TJU

lActively participated in the teaching research and reform and achieved certain teaching research achievement

lPlay an important role in the teaching team


Teaching Ability

lHave a high academic level, keep abreast of the latest developments in the field, advanced and scientific teaching content

lEffectively organize teaching activities, teaching methods meet the requirements of the times, play an important role in talent training

lMaster the modern education and teaching technology


Theoretical Teaching

lOrganize teaching activities in accordance with the teaching schedule, take appropriate teaching progress and teaching methods

lMaster the teaching content, clarity, accuracy, focused, large amount of information in teaching.

lContagious lectures, active classroom atmosphere, able to attract the attention of students, pay attention to the interaction between teachers and students, good classroom effects


Practical Teaching

lBe familiar with the experiment content, explain clearly, focused and guide students to think, pay attention to the cultivation of scientific ability, correct the experiment reports seriously

lGraduation design (paper) subject meets the demand of professional training, moderate difficulty, be strict with the students, encourage innovation, pay attention to the cultivation of honesty and comprehensive ability, score objectively

Overall Evaluation