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Questionnaire of Graduates in Tianjin International Engineering Institute

 Questionnaire of Graduates in Tianjin International Engineering Institute.docx


(Please fill in your own questionnaire.)

Dear Alumni:


At Tianjin International Engineering Institute(TIEI), you have spentabestperiodof your life, your youth and vitality has also added a brilliant color to the history of the Institute. The Instituteis very concerned about your current work and life. Please help fill out this questionnaire andwesincerely hope that you will make some constructive suggestions to the Instituteso as to facilitate the development of the Institute. We will keep your information confidential.

Thank you for your warm support, hope you often go back to his alma mater!

Tianjin University

(Please tick the box after the corresponding option)

1. When did you graduate?

2. What is your major?

3.Where do you work now:

(1)Government □ (2)Research institutions□ 3)School or Hospital□ (4)State-owned Business□(5)Foreign Companies□ 6)Private Enterprise□ (7)Self-employment□ (8)Others□

4. What is yourwork position:(Multiple Choice)

(1)Technical staff□ (2)Administrative staff□ (3)Others□

5.Whether the school's elementary and professional courses could meet your needs:

(1)Could □(2)Basically able to meet□(3)Couldnot□

6.Whether the humanities and social science courses offered by the school could meet your needs:

(1)Could□ (2)Basically able to meet□(3)Couldnot□

7.Whether the experimental teaching content offered by the school could meets your needs:

(1)Could□ (2)Basically able to meet□(3)Couldnot□

8.What do you think is the most helpful thing for your job you learned in our institute(MultipleChoice)

(1) knowledge of public basic courses □ (2) knowledge of specialized courses □

(3) foreign language knowledge □(4) Basic knowledge of computer □

(5) Basic knowledge of law □ (6) Cultural elective course □(7) Experimental courses □ (8) Internships (9) Graduation thesis or graduation design □

9. Through the study in the college, which aspects ofyourabilitydo you thinkhavegota greater increase: (Multiple Choice)

(1) learning ability □ (2) ability to analyze problems □ (3) ability to solve problems □

(4) practical ability □ (5) research ability □ (6) information processing capacity □

(7) Innovative ability □ (8) Organizational capacity □ (9) Other ability □

10. What do you think are advantages of our students: (Multiple Choice)

(1) Basic theory and basic skills □

(2) Having the spirit of study and professionalism □

(3) Ability to work independently □

(4) Strong ability to acquire knowledge and skills □

(5) Strong ability to innovate □

(6) Strong management ability □

(7) Strong communication ability □

(8) Seeking truth from facts, rigorous style □


11. What do you think areweaknessof our students: (Multiple Choice)

(1) Experimental and data processing capacity □

(2) Ability to solve practical problems □

(3) Design ability □

(4) The spirit of cooperation □

(5) Leadership □

12.What advice do you have for the training of graduate students in our institute?

This is the end of the questionnaire, thank you for your cooperation!