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Advanced Database


Computer science

Jianrong Wang



Course Name:Advanced Database

Course Code:S2293212

Semester: 4

Credit: 2

Program: Computer science

Course Module: Optional

Responsible: Jianrong Wang

E-mail: wjr@tju.edu.cn

Department: Tianjin International Engineering Institute

Time Allocation (1 credit hour = 45 minutes)













Course Description

The course is a professional elective course for engineering masters of computer science in TIEI, it will introduce new research direction and progress in the study of the database system, at the same time new database applications are presented. Curriculum content mainly include the object-oriented database system, advanced transaction processing and concurrency control, parallel database system and distributed database system, database security, data warehouse technique and data mining. The course emphasizes the combination of theoretical teaching with concrete examples, introducing several representative, widely used database systems for teaching to enhance students’ understanding of basic concepts and application technology of database system, such as Oracle, MySQL, Mongodb.


  • The basis of database: mastering basic Concurrency control method and deadlock control method

  • Discrete mathematics: mastering tree and graph

  • Data structure: master B+ tree

Course Objectives

By learning the course, students could understand some advanced concepts and technologies of database system. After learning the course, students should be able to:

  • Master advanced transaction processing method,

  • Master concurrency control method,

  • Master database deadlock solving method, and to

  • Master optimization method of distributed query.


  • Review of database principles: relation calculation, SQL, view and trigger.

  • Advanced transaction processing and concurrency control: lock conversion method, deadlock solving, deadlock prevention, multi- granularity lock, concurrency control method based on B + tree and concurrency control method based on time stamps.

  • Parallel database and distributed database: structure of parallel database, optimization of parallel query, parallelization sequence data processing, structure of distributed database, query optimization based on price.

  • Object-oriented database system: object-oriented data type, abstract data type, packaging and inheritance.

  • Data warehouse and data mining: association rule mining algorithm and decision tree algorithm.

  • Database technology in the age of big data: structure of database cluster( share-disk and share-nothing).

Textbooks & References

  • Churcher C.Beginning Database Design: From Novice to Professional. Apress, 2012.

  • Coronel R P, Crockett K.Database systems design, implementation and management. (International ed). London, Cengage Learning, 1978.

  • Silberschatz A, Korth H F, Sudarshan S.Database system concepts. Singapore: McGraw-Hill, 1997.

  • Ward P, Dafoulas G.Database management systems. Cengage Learning EMEA, 2006.

Capability Tasks

CT1: To understand the advanced database security mechanism, understanding the definition and usage of object-oriented data types.

CT2: To master principles of database lock processing, deadlock conversion method and the structure of parallel database system.

CT3: To master concurrency control method based on B + tree and concurrency control method based on time stamps.

CS1: To master the processing method of parallel query and the optimization method of parallel query.

CS2: To master the association rule mining algorithm and decision tree algorithm.


  • To master database concurrency control method. - Level: M

  • To master the method of parallel query processing and optimization method. - Level: M

  • To understand the object-oriented database system. - Level: M

  • To master the association rule mining algorithm and decision tree algorithm. - Level: M

Students: Computer science,Year 2