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Internet and Its Development


Computer science

Jianrong Wang



Course Name: Internet and Its Development

Course Code:S2293238

Semester: 5

Credit: 2

Program: Computer science

Course Module: Optional

Responsible: Jianrong Wang

E-mail: wjr@tju.edu.cn

Department: Tianjin International Engineering Institute

Time Allocation (1 credit hour = 45 minutes)













Course Description

This course is one of the optional courses of masters of Computer Science Engineering. The Internet has changed and improved living and working style in many aspects of our form and generated more business opportunities. This course will describe the development process of the Internet, mainly on the principle of Internet technology, application form and direction of development. Explain the key technology of the Internet, TCP / IP protocol, LAN and WAN technology, technology in details. Combining with the specific application scenarios, students can understand the Internet and its applications under the factual background.


  • Computer network knowledge: understanding of the relevant protocols of computer networks

  • Basic programming knowledge: Familiar with C or C ++ and other programming languages

Course Objectives

The goal of the course is to help students to understand the Internet from top to bottom, through this course, students should be able to:

  • Master the Internet development, architecture, protocol level and relationship,

  • Master the typical network protocol design ideas, methods and working principles,

  • Learn how to design and develop Internet-based software system, check and troubleshoot network problems, and to

  • Achieve simple Internet applications according to the actual needs.


  • Development of the Internet and the basic principles

  • The architecture of the Internet and protocol, the relationship between protocols

  • Internet access technology, Internet connection technology and network interconnection protocol engineering

  • Design ideas, methods and working principles of network protocol

  • Network management and applications, network security and integration of network systems

  • The latest technological developments, such as next-generation IP protocol IPv6, etc

Textbooks & References

  • Andrew S. Tanenbaum and David J. Wetheral.Computer Networks: International Edition. Pearson, 2013.

  • Kwiecien and Andrzej.Computer Networks. Springe, 2009.

  • James F.Kurose and Keith W.Ross. Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach(6th ed). PARSON, 2014.

Capability Tasks

CT1: To understand Internet development, basic knowledge and core technology.

CT2: To master various important agreements and the relationship between them.

CT4: To use familiar programming to complete language simple case.

CS1: To grasp the basic theory of Internet knowledge, understanding the nature theory of the Internet works.


  • To master the basic working principle of the Internet, the ability to analyze the network structure, working style and network characteristics. - Level: M

  • To master the typical network protocol design ideas, methods and working principles. - Level: M

  • To master the history and development of the Internet, to understand the future trends. - Level: N

Students: Computer science,Year 3