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Project Management



Xing Bi



Course Name: Project Management

Course Code: S2293020

Semester: 5

Credit: 2

Program: All

Course Module: Business & Management

Responsible: Xing Bi

E-mail: bixing@tju.edu.cn

Department: School of Economy and Management, Tianjin University

Time Allocation (1 credit hour = 45 minutes)





Internship (days)

Personal Work





Course Description

The course Project Management is focused on teaching methods and tools for planning and managing complex product or system development projects. We assume that the enterprise has already chosen what product or system to develop, so that the class can focus on the preparation, planning, monitoring and adaptation of projects.


Basic knowledge of management.

Course Objectives

The class is specifically designed for students in the Engineering program and therefore assumes that they already have a basic knowledge of project management. Ideally, they will have already managed one or more projects independently and will therefore understand the fundamental tensions between technical scope, cost, schedule and risk.

The overall objective of this class is to introduce advanced principles, methods and tools for project management in a realistic engineering context, such that they can be taken back to the workplace to improve their ability to manage complex product and system development projects.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to advanced methods and tools of project management


Design Structure Matrix

System Dynamics

Critical Chain

Discrete Event Simulation

Earned Value Management

Realistic application of methods (strengths, limitations) and strategic issues

Industry Examples (interspersed)

Case Studies

Risk Management

Real Options in Projects

Appreciation for organizational and human aspects

Project Organizations

Program Management—managing multiple projects in parallel

International Project Management (geographically dispersed teams)

Project Manager soft skills and typical profiles

Class Discussions, Project Assignments and Homework

Textbooks & References

  • deWeck, O., and J. Lyneis.Successfully Designing and Managing Complex Projects. 1st ed. MIT Press, 2014.

Grade Distribution

Active Participation: 15% Homework: 60% Team project: 25%

Capability Tasks

CT6: To have the basic concept about how the company functions and the capability to understand economic problems such as quality management, competitiveness and productivity and commercial demands.

CT9: To be competent for a job position in a company and have a good career path; To have sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, cooperation and leadership capacity, project management capacity, and capacity of communicating and working with experts and non-experts, and carry out innovation management.

CT11: To have the capacity to understand and evaluate one’s work and understand one’s own abilities (especially in a certain respect of the discipline) and to be able to make correct career choice.


  • To understand different models of project structure. –Level: A

  • To implement effective structure for a project. –Level: A

  • To analysis and manage risks in project operating. –Level: A

  • To understand issues in multi-projects environments. –Level: N

Students: Computer science, Year 3