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TIEI Held The First Meeting of the Enterprise Club in 2019

On January 25th, the first meeting of the Enterprise Club of Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) was successfully held in the conference room of institute, Weijin Road Campus, Tianjin University. Shan Xiaolin, Party Secretary of Qiushi Honors College and TIEI, Guan Jing, Vice Dean of TIEI, leaders of specialities, representatives of more than a dozen enterprises and government departments, including European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, Tianjin Metallurgy Group, NXP (China) Company, China Institute of Building Standard Design and Research, Tianjin R&F Group Development Co., Ltd., Huawei China Regional Department, and other companies, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Guan Jing.

First of all, Shan Xiaolin reported to the participants on the background of the establishment , the achievements of reform and work in 2018 and the key work planning for 2019 of TIEI. In order to foster future international engineering leaders, he said, both university and enterprise have established a mutually beneficial, collaborative and innovative relationship in promoting ties between university and society. At present, TIEI takes inheritance and innovation, intersection and fusion, coordination and sharing as the main approach, promotes the progress of science and technology, and trains students ability of independent innovation as the main goal, and actively constructs a demonstration platform for new engineering majors. Deepen the cooperation between institute and enterprise, and create a new ecology of resources sharing and complementary advantages between university and enterprise.

Shao Peng, Systems Engineering Manager of NXP (China) Company, briefly introduced the construction of NXP-class, the system of double tutors for university and enterprise and the practical platform of globalization. He said that NXP and TIEI will work together to create a better platform for cooperation between university and enterprise in the future.

Guo Jing, Tianjin regional chief of European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, gave a detailed account of the work of the European Chamber of Commerce and the demands of business member enterprises for talents training.

Xu Zongwu, chief architect of China Institute of Building Standard Design and Research, suggested that TIEI should take the national important strategic demand as the standard, combine with the local pillar industries, and train talents with high quality and devotion.

Hu Lingbing, chairman of Tianjin Metallurgy Group, hoped that both sides will take the enterprise club as the platform, embrace the new era, seize the new opportunities, actively exert respective advantages, innovate the cooperation mode, and bring out the fruitful results of the cooperation between university and enterprise as soon as possible.

Representatives of other enterprises and government departments also spoke one after another on how to establish an effective mechanism to stimulate the vitality of the enterprise club, operating on an enterprise rotation system in the Board of Governors , dynamic elimination system and other topics. In their speeches, representatives of many enterprises expressed the hope that they would actively participate in the process of Industry-University-Research Collaboration, forming a strong association of universities and enterprises, jointly training engineering talents, and would like to provide the students with practice bases and corporate mentors for the students in TIEI. They highly agreed with the implementation of the enterprise rotation system, and were willing to work with TIEI to host the next board of directors.

Liu Gang, leader of Building speciality , Su Yuting, leader of Electronics speciality , said that it was necessary to find a point between the development demands of enterprises and the training of international talents in TIEI, to give full play to the linkage mechanism and actively promote the deep integration of Industry-University-Research. TIEI should give full play to the linkage mechanism and provide a strong guarantee for the cultivation of the inter-disciplinary talents. Li Fawen, leader of Smart Water speciality, and Yu Hui, leader of Intelligent Medicine speciality, reported on the construction of the new specialities, and expressed the hope that enterprises would be deeply involved in curriculum and implement the project research cooperation and the double tutoring system.

Guan Jing said that in combination with objectives, characteristics and concept of construction of new engineering subjects, TIEI should build a multidisciplinary and composite knowledge system, deepen the integration of production and education, enable students to fully grasp the frontiers of enterprises, cope with the changes and demands of the future social development,promote a deeper and broader close cooperation between university and enterprise and strive to play a good role in the enterprise club.

Finally, Shan Xiaolin expressed his sincere thanks to the members of the Enterprise Club who actively participated in the training of talents. TIEI will also fully absorb the suggestions of the enterprises, work together to carry out the cooperation between university and enterprise and echo the national strategy.

It is reported that TIEI Enterprise Club was founded in May 2014 by the Institute in cooperation with domestic and international well-known enterprises. It is a non-profit organization that enterprises voluntarily join. There are now 48 member organizations. Its main goal is to reserve human resources for enterprise members, to explore the dual-track training mechanism between university and enterprise, and to build a platform for the cultivation of talents.

(By:LIU Yang)