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QHC Held the Summary Meeting: “Fighting for 2019” Happy New Year Party

(Correspondent Liu Yingtong) On January 30, QHC successfully held the summary meeting: "Fighting for 2019" happy new year party at the Faculty Cultural Activity Center of Weijin Road Campus, Tianjin University. Prof. Philippe Gourbesville, former president of Polytech Nice-Sophia, Mr. Shan Xiaolin, Party Secretary of QHC, Prof. Chen Guanyi, director of QHC, Mr. Wang Wei, Deputy Secretary, Ms. Yu Qian, Guan Jing, deputy director, and all faculty members attended the event.

Prof.Chen Guanyi made a summary speech on the 2018 work of QHC. He said that the new emerging engineering trilogy of “Fudan Consensus”, “TJU Action”, “Beijing Guide” opened a new journey for the engineering education reform. QHC as an experimental field for the outstanding and innovative engineering talents training in Tianjin University, QHC should continue to train with the idea of “new emerging engineering” to cope with changes, shape the future and continue to train diversified, innovative and outstanding engineering talents. We look forward to improve all the QHC work in 2019 and establish “TJU Action”.  

Prof. Philippe Gourbesville, former president of Polytech Nice-Sophia said that Polytech Nice-Sophia has maintained close cooperation and exchanges with TIEI, and the two sides have reached strong consensus on the innovative engineering leaders training. He wished TIEI and all the staff have a better development.

Mr. Shan Xiaolin made a summary from many aspects such as the construction and development, personnel training, and internationalization of QHC and TIEI. Under all staff’s joint efforts, QHC has achieved fruitful results in the outstanding engineering talents training. In 2019, facing opportunities and challenges, everyone will continue to work hard and fight together!

All the faculty members made a speech, summed up their personal work in 2018 and made plans for the work in 2019. Everyone will go hand in hand in the future and hope the future of QHC is getting better and better!

After the summary meeting, the host Mr. Shi Ziqing announced that Ji Ying, an organizer of the Party Committee of QHC, Mr. Zhang Zijian, a students’ counselor, Liu Yingtong, a secretary for finance and publicity, and Shao Chen, a secretary for foreign afairs, were honored as “Excellent Staff of QHC in 2018”. Then, Mr. Shan Xiaolin and Prof. Chen Guanyi warmly congratulated the awarded faculty members and awarded certificates of honor. Ms. Ji Ying gave a speech on behalf of the outstanding staff.

With a song “Love each other” sang by all the teachers of TIEI office, the party began. THE carefully prepared dance by the team of the students’ counselors of QHC set off the climax of the party. Later, members of the leadership team showed their talents and sent the best wishes to the faculty and staff.

Through this activity, not only the feelings of the faculty and staff, but also the centripetal force and cohesion of QHC were enhanced. Looking back on 2018, great achievements have been made in exploring the way of training outstanding leaders. Looking forward to 2019, all faculty members of QHC will continue to remember their original intention and mission, create more glory in the new year’s work, and then play an important role in the construction of new emerging engineering!