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TIEI Smart Building teacher and students visit DUOWEI Union Group

On May 8, TIEI Professor ZHOU Ting of Smart Building and students visited DUOWEI Union Group in order to further deepen students’ understanding of concrete and composite structure and further consolidate students’ study. The technician of the company led and explained to them.

Under the introduction of Deputy General Manager Wu and Feng Security, they visited the DUOWEI Prefabricated Building Fabrication Center, DUOWEI Manufacture Center of Energy-Saving Panel and DUOWEI Production Center of Prefabricated Panel.

During the visit, Manager Wu explained carefully, which gave the students a real understanding of the prefabricated buildings and combined structures. They benefited a lot.

This visit focused on practical education, consolidated students’ knowledge system, helped students to understand the frontier dynamics in the professional field and improved the overall quality of students, which also laid a solid foundation for better study and future work and was in line with the requirements of international engineers for smart building.