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TIEI Signed a Strategic Agreement for School-Enterprise Cooperation with Tata Consultancy Services (China) Co.,Ltd.


On May 17, Guan Jing, vice dean of TIEI, and Liu Yang, secretary of the enterprise club, went to Shanghai Tata Consultancy Services (China) Co.,Ltd. (TCS) to sign a strategic agreement for school-enterprise cooperation. TCS China Human Resources Director Ruan Wenshi, China Recruitment Director Wang Yuanyuan, China School-Enterprise Coordinator Zhang Hong warmly received TIEI delegation.

First of all, Wang Yuanyuan warmly welcomed the arrival of TIEI delegation, and introduced the construction overview, recent development and strategy of TCS to the participants.

Subsequently, Guan Jing gave a detailed introduction to the current situation of TIEI from many aspects, such as the organizational structure, the characteristics, the construction of the enterprise club, the personnel training construction, and international cooperation. She highlighted the authoritative certification of TIEI for the sixth year of the highest level awarded by CTI and the intention to join the Polytech Group.

Next, Ruan Wenshi said that Tianjin University is a well-known university in China, especially TIEI, is the experimental field for the Engineering Education reform of Tianjin University. She said the signing of the school-enterprise cooperation agreement with TIEI of Tianjin University is a good beginning, both sides will exert their respective advantages to carry out all-round strategic cooperation. It is hoped that the two parties will be able to carry out comprehensive cooperation in scientific research projects, personnel training, and research on future urban intelligent medicine.


At last, TIEI and TCS signed a strategic agreement on school-enterprise cooperation, which marked the beginning of a deep integration development model in terms of personnel training, resource sharing and joint construction. The visit to Shanghai Tata Consultancy Services (China) Co.,Ltd.  strengthened the communication between the school and the enterprise, and continued to explore and advance in the future of innovative and talented personnel training which has important reference significance in the diversification of school-enterprise cooperation, the resource sharing and mutual benefit.

It is reported that Tata Group is the largest group company in India, founded in 1868 and headquartered in Mumbai, India. Tata Consultancy Services (China) Co.,Ltd., a member of the Tata Group, has more than 394,000 highly trained consultants in 46 countries around the world.


(By: LIU Yang;ZHANG Xiaojuan)