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China-Australia Center for Sustainable Urban Development Delegation Visits TIEI

On the morning of May 23, Prof. Enzo LOMBI, Director of the China-Australia Center for Sustainable Urban Development, and Prof. Christopher SAINT of the University of South Australia visited TIEI. Chen Guanyi, Director of QHC, Dean of TIEI, Chinese Executive Director of the China-Australia Center, Guan Jing, Vice Dean of TIEI, Liu Qingling, Vice Dean of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, and Tong Yindong, Assistant Director of the China-Australia Center, attended the meeting.

During this meeting, Chen Guanyi expressed warm welcome to the arrival of Prof. Enzo LOMBI and Prof. Christopher SAINT, and then briefly summarized the recent close exchanges and research cooperation developments with the University of South Australia in various fields. The two sides discussed the specific implementation plan of the full-English summer course in the environmental field in the summer vacation and the high-level training group to visit the University of South Australia. Prof. Enzo LOMBI said that the cooperation between the two parties has been very successful for many years. He hoped that the cooperation areas will be gradually expanded and be deepened on the basis of the previous cooperation in the future.

Subsequently, Guan Jing gave a detailed introduction to the guests, from many aspects, such as the establishment background, training model, student development, enterprise cooperation, and recent international development of TIEI and aimed at the future cooperation between TIEI and the University of South Australia. She expressed her hope to inherit the elite education and training concept of TIEI and rely on the academic advantages of the School of Environment to further cooperate and exchange with University of South Australian, the famous University in engineering and technology fields in Australian.

At last, Chen Guanyi summed up the meeting. He hoped that the two sides will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, promote comprehensive exchanges and seek common development in the future.