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TIEI Held Sino-French Education Teaching Seminar under Emerging Engineering Education Background

In order to promote the cooperation between Chinese and French Engineering Education institutions, innovative cooperation mechanism, talk about the development of education and serve the construction of emerging engineering education, on the fifth anniversary of the founding, TIEI held a Sino-French Education Teaching Seminar under Emerging Engineering Education Background on the afternoon of June 24. Liu Zenglu, Party Secretory of SJTU-Paris Tech Elite Institute of Technology, Xuzhou, Party Secretory of Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineering, Liu Jianyong, Party Secretory of Sino-European School of Shanghai University Technology, Xuping, Vice Dean of Sino-French Engineer School of Beihang University, Wang Haoping, Vice Dean of Sino-French Engineer School of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Liu Yang, Education Center Director of China-EU Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy at Huazhong University of Science & Technology, He Yuanyuan, Senior Manager of Tata Consultancy Services (China)Co.,Ltd were invited to the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chen Guanyi, Director of QHC and Dean of TIEI. Guan Jing, Vice Dean of TIEI, Li Fawen, specialty principal of water engineering, Zhou Ting and Meng Lin, teacher representatives of smart building and intelligent medicine attended the meeting.

The meeting focused on the topics “the restrictions and development ideas in Sino-French educational cooperation, the coordinated development and discussion of Sino-French engineering educational cooperation, and the enlightenment of engineer education under the background of emerging engineering education”. TIEI is the experimental area of emerging engineering education and teaching reform of Tianjin University. We hope to take this seminar as an opportunity to share experiences, grasp difficulties and cooperate with other brothers’ universities, so as to provide development ideas and action guidance for future cooperation.

First, Guan Jing introduced the localization construction situation and achievements of French engineer education concept in Tianjin University from the aspects of development history, orientation and goal training system, faculty, internationalization strategy and student development of TIEI. She pointed out that the French elite engineering talent training model provided a new perspective for the reform of engineering education and provides valuable experience for the construction of emerging engineering education.

Subsequently, the leaders of brother universities made reports in combination with their own construction process, opportunities and challenges. Liu Zenglu pointed out that one of the understandings of emerging engineering education is the digitalization and informatization of traditional engineering, which improves the pattern of personnel training. Xu Zhou pointed out that they have very distinct industry characteristics, and have made steady progress in course system optimization, faculty construction, training management, laboratory construction and achievement s transformation. Xu Ping enthusiastically shared his explorations and attempts in internationalization and faculty building. Based on the Sino-French educational cooperation in the emerging engineering education background, Wang Haoping put forward his opinions and suggestions on system integration, scientific research cooperation and international resources. Liu Jianyong analyzed the basis and vision of Sino-French cooperation guided by problems. Liu Yang discussed the cooperation and exchange between China and France from the perspective of scientific research cooperation.

Later, He Yuanyuan pointed out the asymmetry between students’ theoretical knowledge and practical working ability, and the current situation of interdisciplinary talent shortage from the perspective of talent demand side. She said that the French concept of engineering education expressed the aspirations of industry enterprises. Tata will cooperate with TIEI in the construction of “smart +” specialty and personnel training.

At last, the participants discussed in depth the issues of the training of the students and the construction of the teaching staff in the education of Chinese and French engineers. This seminar is one of the five anniversary activities of TIEI. It aims to sum up construction experience, deepen reform, unite similar institutions, talk about education and cooperation, and establish TJU brand.

(By:WANG Wenjie   Translator:ZHANG Xiaojuan)