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International Exchange| TIEI Grade 18 Students’ Study in Polytech Nice Sophia, France

In June, Grade 18 students of TIEI have arrived in Nice, a blue coastal city in southeastern France, and officially opened their study in Polytech Nice Sophia, France. Now, let’s take a look at their learning situation together.

On the first day of their arrival in Nice, Philippe Gourbesville, former president of Polytech Nice Sophia, Yin Na, Director of European Union Scholarship and Professor Marc GAETANO warmly welcomed our students. Then took a photo at the Campus.

The blue sky and the beautiful lavender add a romantic purple and refreshing fragrance to the campus. A clear overview of the campus provides more convenience for everyone to study and live in Polytech Nice Sophia.

Entering the classroom, students began to learn professional knowledge with foreign teachers. Here, we met not only our old friends Professor Gilles JACQUEMOD and Professor Jean-Laurent BURLET, but also new foreign teachers. In the classroom, students also felt that there were some differences such as, learning style and teaching methods, besides, the flexible desks and chairs in the classroom are more convenient for group discussion and communication. Before the end of each class, Professor Gilles JACQUEMOD will arrange homework for students to help them consolidate their knowledge in class in time.

In addition to busy with daily study and enterprise practice, the school canteen equipped with a rich breakfast and lunch for students to timely replenish full energy.

After study, walking around the dormitory, the fresh air and beautiful scenery, will immediately sweep away the physical and mental exhaustion.

There may be setbacks and hardships on the way to study in Nice, France. However, the spirit of engineers who are good at thinking, innovating and breaking through will be able to overcome many difficulties and come back with a full load. In the future, on the road to excellent engineers, we will work together to move forward!