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International Exchange| TIEI Students’ Study in Incheon National University

Incheon National University, the only national comprehensive university located in the Songdao Economic Freedom Zone in Incheon, Korea, is the destination of international exchanges.

On the morning of July 1, 9 students from Grade 2018 successfully arrived at Incheon National University, Jumoon Park, Dean of Incheon University's Academy of Urban Sciences, Gyewoon Choi, Professor of Environmental and Civil Engineering School, President of Korea Smart Grid Association, and Dongwoo Jang, Associate Professor of Environmental and Civil Engineering School warmly welcome the arrival of our students. At the same time, the students attended the launching ceremony of the international exchange project in the conference room. The students were introduced to Incheon National University, the courses of the international exchange project, the allocation of tutors and the specific arrangements for the follow-up of the project. Then they visited the environment and facilities of the school.

The 51-day study has been officially opened. We believe that in this university full of scientific and technological sense and modern style, experiencing the natural scenery and culture of Korea will bring students unforgettable experience of study and international exchanges.