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International Exchange| Record 1 of TIEI Students in Incheon National University

This summer, our exchange and study at Incheon National University in Korea has begun. This is a colorful study trip. Let's take you to know everything here from four aspects.

No.1 Campus

Incheon University was founded in 1979 and was approved by the Korean government to transform into a National University in 2013. Now it has developed into the only National University in the Songdao Economic Freedom Zone and the second National University in the capital region of Korea.

No.2 Study

We have a variety of forms of study, including classroom teaching, field trips, and follow-up tutors to complete the project. Before the class, the teacher will prepare snacks for everyone. In the first week, we learned about smart water networks, climate change, project management courses, as well as case studies, software use exercises, etc. Teachers combine the knowledge of different professions, and encourage everyone to make discussions, the courses are very interesting.

In addition, we also visited different enterprises under the leadership of teachers, such as G-tower, Incheon Smart City Corporation and so on. We not only enjoyed the most beautiful scenery of Songdao, but also learned about the concept and current situation of Incheon's smart city construction, and achieved a lot.

No.3 Culture

During the first week of study at Incheon University, we took a bus to Seoul and felt the culture and charm of the city.

Under the guidance of the teacher, we visited Jingfu Palace, Seoul Tower in Nanshan, East Gate, and Hanjiang River. The teacher carefully arranged a special tour guide to introduce the cultural background of these scenic spots to us, so that we can know the city better.

No.4 Life

Our dormitory is a seascape four-bedroom on the 13th floor, with a public kitchen, gym and laundry on the first floor. On the second floor, there are self-study room and open discussion and study area. The dormitory life is convenient and comfortable.

Of course, the school canteen is also very satisfying to everyone. There are all kinds of Korean food. In the weekend, when you are free, you can also choose to go to the seaside, walking for 5 minutes to enjoy a pleasant leisure time.