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International Exchange| Record 2 of TIEI Students in Incheon National University

Time flies so fast, we have been studying and living in Incheon University for nearly a month. Adapted to the way of life here, used to the eating habits here, it is important to have a deep experience of the teaching methods of Incheon University, experience the history and culture of Korea, and smoothly carry out the practical tasks assigned by the instructor of Incheon University.

Visit Environmental Protection Enterprises

Under the leadership of Teacher ZHANG Dongyu and the commentator, we visited many environmental enterprises in Korea.

We are impressed by the Sudokwon, which is one of the largest dumps in the world. They make full use of the garbage and turn a landfill full of stench into a Dream Park where people live in harmony with nature.

The Charm of Interdisciplinary

Our courses are taught by professors from different majors, which also make us and professors collide with different sparks in professional exchanges. While understanding new knowledge in different fields, we also have a deeper understanding of our major. The mutual penetration of knowledge between different disciplines enhance our innovative thinking, and provide us with more choices on the way to employment in the future.

Tracing History

We visited demilitarized zone DME, which symbolizes the beautiful vision of peace and reunification. We also walked through the magnificent bridge of freedom. The cultural journey has deepened our understanding of Korean. We also felt the common aspirations of people all over the world for a peaceful and beautiful life. 

Care from Teacher Shao

On July 8th, Ms. Shao also came to join us. During the time, she took classes with us and exchanged in-depth information with the professors of Incheon University. We have dinner with the leaders and teachers of the International Exchange Office. The leaders kindly tell us the story of the school and exchange the learning life of this time, which make us feel warmth like at our home.

Beautiful Scenery and Delicious Food around us

Provence in Korea, with the same romance and sweetness as Provence in France, is a good place for relaxing; Fairy Town, a small village full of fairy tales, is full of fairy tale colorful theme houses, which can satisfy the fantasy of childhood; beside there is a  Chinese Street with unique flavor.

Korean food is mainly sweet and spicy. Although we were not used to eating at first, we discover more and more delicious foods gradually.

For the first time, we came to Korea for the purpose of learning and communication. Unlike traveling, we can experience the learning and life of Korean schools more intimately, and feel the local culture and habits. We feel much honored that we can have the opportunity to come to Korea for our international exchanges.