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International Exchange| Record 3 of TIEI Students in Incheon National University

Unknowingly, the international exchange in Incheon University has come to an end. In the past two weeks, we have learned something new.

Happy Ending of Internship Project

Computer science: using machine learning method to estimate human body weight through human body characteristics; Smart building: design a system based on MFCC and HMM to monitor and classify the noise emitted by people and mobile phones in libraries, and timely feedback to the noise emitters as a warning. It took us nearly three weeks to complete our own internship projects. On August 1 and 2, we presented the results in the classroom. The teacher fully acknowledged and highly praised our achievements. And we sincerely appreciated the teachers for their encouragement and suggestions.

Enjoyable Leisure Time

After our internship project, in the evening, we go to the seaside to feed seagulls and watch the beautiful sunset. On the weekend, we go shopping in Seoul and have some delicious food, what is more, we make preparation for the “HYDROASIA 2019”.

Prepare for Anything

On August 7, we participated in the online meeting of “HYDROASIA 2019”. The teacher introduced the project arrangement, the data and software needed, and provided suggestions for our first group demonstration. Although it is an online activity, students from different countries are actively participating in it and are looking forward to the upcoming project cooperation and cultural collision.

New Challenge

On August 12, we held the opening ceremony for “HYDROASIA 2019” at Incheon University. Schools participating in this project include Université Nice Sophia Antipolis in France, Incheon University in Korea, Tianjin University, Nankai University and Qingdao University of Technology in China, Kyoto University in Japan and so on. During the opening ceremony, teacher representatives from all countries made speeches, and students introduced themselves and put forward the project plan of the group. In the next week, all of us will make any efforts to show our TIEI style. We hope that we can know more friends and gain more knowledge in this project.