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School of Marxism of TJU Delegation Visits QHC

On the morning of August 20th, Jin Ying, vice party secretary and vice dean, Zhang Yu, vice dean, and Zhou Bin, the head of the undergraduate education of the School of Marxism visited QHC. Wang Wei, vice party secretary and vice dean, Yu Qian, vice dean of QHC and Guan Jing received the delegation.

Jin Ying first introduced the basic situation of the School of Marxism. This visit focused on making communication on the new major enrollment work. Subsequently, Zhang Yu elaborated on the construction of the new major.


Next, Yu Qian introduced the undergraduate education characteristics and the selection of students of QHC to the participants. Wang Wei introduced the students’ work, and said that QHC strengthened the political and ideological education of students with ideals and beliefs as the core, and continuously trained qualified builders and successors for socialist cause. He looked forward to more exchanges and cooperation with the School of Marxism in this respect in the future. Guan Jing briefly introduced the internationalization work of TIEI and its achievements in exploring the localization of international education.

At last, all the participants conducted discussions and exchanges on various aspects of the recent work of the two colleges, and expressed their hope that the two colleges could reach more in-depth cooperation in the future.