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TIEI International Leading Talents Training Program Series Activities was Held Successfully —— Reading is Ubiquitous in Cross-border Reading

Reading can change one’s temperament. Reading a good book is like making a good friend and talking to a wise man. In order to broaden students’ reading horizons and improve their reading quality, QHC and TIEI held a reading conference on the theme of “cross-border reading, cross-border thinking and cross-border growth” in the Industrial Design Building of Weijin Road Campus successfully.

Prof. Wang Xinnong, a member of the theoretical group of the Guangong Committee and former Director of the Department of Social Sciences and Foreign Languages of Tianjin University, Nie Yumin, former Party Secretary of Tianjin University Library, deputy Director of the Guangong Committee and Director of Happy Reading Community, and Hu Yanming, former retired Party Secretary of the School of Civil Engineering, were invited to attend the reading conference. Wang Wei, deputy Party Secretary and deputy Director of QHC, Chen Wei, student counselor, and all the 2019 freshmen participated the meeting.

First of all, Prof. Wang Xinnong proposed that our TIEI students need to have profound academic literacy in a certain professional field, and at the same time pay attention to the cultivation of humanistic literacy, and activate the potential self-growth with a global vision and feelings of home and country. In understanding China, understanding the world, and understanding the ages, all the students should understand themselves, grow up into talents, and are the hopes of the country. In TIEI, cross-border reading, cross-border thinking and cross-border growth must become normality. Therefore, Prof. Wang recommended two books to the students. At last, he hoped that as a TJU student, everyone should take the initiative to upgrade our own CPU and live up to the various human resources environment that the college and the school provided.

Subsequently, Nie Yumin, a researcher, took an example that Mr. Lao She answered the question of “who am I?”, which led to the question that contemporary college students should do well in themselves like Mr. Lao She, retain their “pure” and not be obliterated by the way of the world and the sweetness and bitterness of life. Teacher Hu Yanming believed that the younger generation should improve knowledge and culture and enrich all aspects of life.

The theme of this lecture is “cross-border”, which coincides with the concept of running TIEI. With reference to the training mode of French engineers and in accordance with the local educational concept and development needs of our country, TIEI has set up five majors, three of which are “Intelligence +” majors, interdisciplinary training, focusing on students’ innovative and practical abilities, and constantly improving students’ comprehensive quality and core competitiveness.

The lecture gave students a deeper understanding of cross-border reading, cross-border thinking and cross-border growth. TIEI students will have more opportunities and rich resources for interdisciplinary learning in the future. We hope that students could apply cross-border thinking to their study and life, and become an excellent TJU student with a homeland feeling and a global vision.


 By:WANG Yuying

Translator:ZHANG Xiaojuan