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QHC and TIEI of Tianjin University Held Opening Ceremony for Grade 2019 Freshmen

On the afternoon of September 8, the opening ceremony for Grade 2019 freshmen of QHC and TIEI was held at the Zheng Dong Library of Peiyang Campus. Gong Jinlong, member of the Standing Committee of Party Committee and Vice President of Tianjin University, Gu Peihua, Director of the Emerging Engineering Education Center of Tianjin University, Wang Pengpeng, NXP’s System Engineering Department Director, Zhen Meili, Tata Consultancy Services (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd. Human Resources Manager, Chen Guanyi QHC and TIEI Dean, Wang Wei, QHC deputy Party Secretary and Vice Dean, Guan Jing, Vice Dean of TIEI, Yu Qian, Vice Dean of QHC, Marc Gaetano, TIEI foreign teacher representative, and all the staff and 2019 freshmen attended the meeting. The ceremony was presided over by Wang Wei.

The ceremony was opening in the sound of the Grand National Anthem.

The first “Future Intelligent Machine and System” Science and Technology Innovation Program Experimental Class Yao Yinan and TIEI Computer Science Major Zhu Kun made speeches represented the undergraduate and postgraduate students respectively. They expressed their expectation for future study and life, and they will be full of enthusiasm and high spirit to face with various challenges. What is more, they will have fully carried forward the spirit of seeking truth from facts and successfully complete their studies. Then they led all the freshmen to read and sign their “Honor Vow”.


The 2016 undergraduate student Zheng Zhong and the 2018 postgraduate student Gao Xi spoke as outstanding graduate representatives. Zheng Zhong encouraged the freshmen to build great ambitions, make great things, cherish the good times of the university, and bravely pursue their dreams. Gao Xi suggested that students should broaden their horizons, pursue excellence, establish an international vision, and strive to cultivate themselves into outstanding talents with global vision, family feelings, innovative spirit and practical ability.



Wang Pengpeng delivered a speech as a company representative. She put forward six suggestions for the students based on company needs and life experiences. She hopes that students will cherish the time of the university and do a good job in the basic course, actively participate in the practice and research competition while learning the course, expand the knowledge and the interdisciplinary as much as possible, pay attention to the cultivation of comprehensive ability, improve writing ability, reading ability and expression ability, have an international vision and improve English level, pay attention to the cultivation of humanistic quality.

Chen Guanyi, on behalf of QHC and TIEI staff delivered a speech. He pointed out that QHC is the experimental field of Tianjin University to explore the reform of talents training mechanism. TIEI is a model for Sino-French engineering education cooperation. QHC and TIEI will be based on the multidisciplinary integration of arts and sciences, with the future scientific and technological reform as the core, and the direction of international competitiveness to carry out the training of outstanding innovative engineering talents.

Gu Peihua comprehensively analyzed the background of the “future intelligent machine and system” technology innovation program, reviewed the history of previous industrial revolutions, and explained the role and impact of industrial change on talents and education. He suggested that students should establish a firm goal, maintain a continual enthusiasm, and pursue the excellence of life. He also encouraged students to improve their adaptability in the future, fully adapt to the needs of career development and social development, and strive to comprehensively improve learning motivation, learning ability and self-cultivation of innovative ability.

At last, Gong Jinlong delivered a speech. First he congratulated and warmly welcomed the first batch of students enrolled in the Science and Technology Innovation Program of the “Future Intelligent Machine and System”. Subsequently, he elaborated on the significance of the implementation of the “Emerging Engineering Education (EEE)” construction, fully affirmed the contribution made by QHC in the process of “Emerging Engineering Education (EEE)” construction, and outlined the blueprint for the future “Emerging Engineering Education (EEE)” construction of Tianjin University. It highly praised the important role of the Sino-French cooperation model of TIEI in the construction of “Emerging Engineering Education (EEE)”, and placed high hopes on the development of TIEI in the field of international cooperation and the construction of “Emerging Engineering Education (EEE)”.

In the end, all the teachers and students sang the school song together. The ceremony was successfully concluded.