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TIEI Held “Engineering Stage” Internship Defense Meeting Successfully

In order to further understand the internship situation and consolidate their achievements of students in their “engineering stage”, on September 9th, 187 postgraduate students from the 17th and 18th grades of TIEI conducted their internship defense. The judges are composed of school tutors and enterprise managers.

TIEI Blue Collar Internship and Assistant Engineer Internship cover various forms, such as, off-campus famous enterprises and participation in school science and technology projects. This “engineering stage” internship defense meeting is divided into three parts. First of all, the students gave a detailed explanation of their work, the problems they encountered, and the feelings they felt during the internship through PPT. Secondly, the judges combined with the content of the students’ defenses, putting forward many valuable and in-depth practical questions, which led the students have deep thinking about their internship, and helped the students to answer their doubts. Finally, the judges gave an internship marks based on the students’ internship contents and the overall situation of the defense.

This defense meeting marks the successful conclusion of the “engineering stage” internship for the 17th and 18th grade students. Through this defense meeting, it not only evaluates the students’ “engineering stage” internship results, but also consolidates their knowledge system. What is more, it can stimulate the students’ new ideas in the professional field, enhance their comprehensive quality, and lay a solid foundation for entering into the society. Under the mechanism of strong cooperation between school and enterprises, TIEI is committed to cultivating more outstanding engineering leaders who serve the needs of society and the country’s major development strategies.

TIEI has three stages internships for the students: one month for Blue Collar Internship, three months for Assistant Engineer Internship and six months for Engineer Internship.

Correspondent: LIU Yang

Translator:ZHANG Xiaojuan