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TIEI Held “The First Lesson for Engineers” Successfully

On September 25, 2019, TIEI held “The First Lesson for Engineers” successfully for all the 2019 freshmen on the NO.23 Building Room 408 of the Weijin Road Campus. Chen Guanyi, QHC and TIEI Dean, Philippe Gourbesville, French Dean of TIEI, Guan Jing, Vive Dean and all the freshmen attended the meeting.

Philippe first delivered a speech. He was very happy for the students who can join TIEI for the next three years’ study and research. Then he suggested that facing with many capable competitors, only you are more professional and have a better international perspective can you stand out. In addition, Philippe said that besides your personal outstanding ability, you should also have to work with the brilliant people to complete more challenging tasks in order to achieve a win-win situation. What is more, everyone should not only develop personal abilities but also show personal value in the team and cultivate the team cooperation spirit.

Subsequently, Guan Jing introduced the postgraduate research integrity and academic norms, degree application and awarding work to the students. First of all, Guan Jing explained from the aspects of scientific research integrity and academic misconduct, and combined related concepts with various typical cases, using words and pictures together vividly to explain the seriousness of that. At last, she gave a brief introduction to the students about the TIEI degree application conditions and the process and precautions of the degree award.

In the end, with “Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind.” Chen Guanyi started his speech. For the students at this stage, the original aspiration and mission is to learn professional knowledge very hard and do what students should do. He said that the key to achieving the original aspiration and mission is to work hard and make innovation. Only by learning professional knowledge and cultivating one’s own quality, can we carry out innovation through the end, can we catch up with the new pace of China’s reform and opening up.

During the class, Chen Guanyi also interacted with the students, and the students expressed their willing to realize their own value and contribute to the country. TIEI “The First Lesson for Engineers” ended in a warm atmosphere.

(By:CHEN Wei  Translator:ZHANG XIAOjuan)