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“Unusual 70 Years, Build China Dream Together” --TIEI presents the 70th anniversary of the founding of China

The past 70 years’ hardships have created the indomitable national spirit of the Chinese nation. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of China, TIEI students expressed their love and deep blessings for the motherland through a series of activities.

Sing for our motherland, the sound of patriotism is burning!

Standing in front of the national flag, we respect our country from the bottom of our hearts!

A song “Singing the Motherland” ignited our patriotic voice, patriotic heart and patriotic soul!

Chanting the motherland, the feeling of patriotism is imprinted in the heart.

The poem “Motherland, My Dear Motherland” is read out, expressing the students’ deep love for our motherland.

Recall the martyrs, remember the history.

TIEI grade 19 students from Computer Science spontaneously visited Zhou Enlai Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall to commemorate the revolutionary ancestors.

Visiting the military industry, not just learn the theoretical knowledge.

TIEI grade 19 students from Electronics visited CETC to deeply understand its enterprise culture and historical evaluation.

Through this visit, students will do their research independently and devote themselves to the national defense research, and give their own strength to the motherland.

A powerful country in science and technology, an unswerving spirit of innovation.

In September 30th, TIEI held a meeting with the theme of “science and technology make a country more powerful”. The seminar invited Mr. Chen Shijun, deputy director of the TJU Committee of Concerning about the Younger Generation carried out the learning and educational activities with “from building an innovative country to the world’s powerful science and technology country” for the grade 19 students of Electronics.

Best wishes for our country!

As a new youth with ideals, feelings and responsibilities, we shoulder the hope of the nation! Determined to innovate and advance bravely, renew a new chapter for the development and construction of the motherland, and build the China dream together.

I love you, China!