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TIEI 5th Anniversary Celebration Series --TIEI Held Teaching Summary Meeting

On October 29, on the occasion of the funding of fifth anniversary, TIEI held a teaching summary meeting to further summarize the achievements of the construction of TIEI, consolidate the foundation of the school and promote the diversified development. Professor Philippe Gourbesville, former president of Polytech Nice Sophia, specialty directors and grade leaders participated in the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Guan Jing, vice dean of TIEI.

All the members reviewed TIEI development process, such as: international ability training, quality assurance, shared the achievements and valuable experience of the specialties construction, and contributed to promotion of various reform tasks of the college. Subsequently, they held in-depth discussions on the exchange study of Chinese and French students, the quality control of training, and the quality of dissertations.

This meeting was held in the key period of the fifth anniversary of the founding of TIEI. Combined with the spirit of the College Council meeting and the results of the subject research for enterprises and students, it has an important guiding role and practical significance for the college to do better in the “emerging engineering education” experimental field at the graduate level.