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TIEI Held a Seminar on the Integration of Postgraduate Training and Professional Disciplines--“Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind” Theme Education

On November 13, in order to carry out in-depth education on the theme of “Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind”, further focus on the reform of postgraduate engineering education, and promote the construction of interdisciplinary cross integration training program, TIEI held a seminar on the integration of postgraduate training and professional disciplines, and invited Ming Dong, executive director of the department of medicine, Li keqiu, director of the college of intelligence and computing, Shi Yanchao, vice dean of the school of civil engineering, Wang Chao, vice dean of the school of electrical and information engineering, and principals of 5 disciplines. The meeting was hosted by Chen Guanyi, TIEI dean.

Chen Guanyi first appreciated the brotherhood colleges for their strong support for TIEI. Then he introduced the current situation, construction achievements, development planning and future vision of TIEI to the participants. He pointed out that in the process of development, it is necessary to cooperate with the brotherhood colleges to carry out system mechanism reform. Finally, the participants exchanged in-depth views on the management methods of teachers, the cooperation mechanism between colleges, the management methods of tutors, and the cultivation of engineering doctors with interdisciplinary integration.

Participants pointed out that TIEI as a pilot area of engineering education reform at the postgraduate level, has made remarkable achievements, and also encountered some problems and challenges in the construction process. All the brother colleges will explore and solve them together with TIEI.

Shan Xiaolin pointed out that at present, the reform of engineering education jointly explored and practiced by TIEI and other colleges has made gratifying achievements. In the future, the two sides will deepen cooperation in a wider field of engineering education and effectively serve the strategic development of the school. The participants unanimously expressed that in the future, they will cooperate in teaching, discipline construction and other aspects, take exploration of engineering education reform as their responsibility, “Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind”, jointly promote the reform of our school-based engineering education, and make a contribution to the construction of double first-class school.