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TIEI Becomes the First Polytech Partner School

On Dec 18th, 2019, the French Polytech Group Council announced that Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) at Tianjin University in China has officially become the first Polytech Partner School overseas institute by far. It indicates that the excellent engineering education of Tianjin University is highly praised by the elite education of French engineers.



TIEI is a new model of international development engineer education, TIEI will fully play its role as a bridge in the Sino-French exchanges and cooperation in higher education, bringing the advantages of Tianjin University in international exchange.TIEI will serve as a bridgehead to promote the international development of higher education at Tianjin University, while promoting and strengthening cultural exchanges between Tianjin University and French universities.

TIEI will jointly develop various projects with other members of Polytech Group, such as joint cultivation, exchange student, short-term visit, summer school, overseas internship, short-term cultural exchange, international competition, etc. , expanding scale of overseas students, vigorously introducing overseas high-level talents, teaching materials and other overseas quality teaching resources, enriching the overseas experience of the faculty team, enhancing the academic level of the faculty and the internationalization level of the students, which can improve the international competitiveness and impact of TIEI in the field of engineer education.


About TIEI

Based on Tianjin University’s experience and the innovation exploration and practice of Qiushi Honors College, Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) was formally founded on May 13, 2014. The institute is established under the partnership between Tianjin University in China and French Polytech Nice-Sophia, with the aim to train high-level engineering talents by following the French training mode.

Since its establishment in 2014, TIEI has been developing steadily. Now it has five majors: “Computer Science, Electronics, Smart Building,Intelligent Medicine Engineering and Smart Water Engineering”, forming a combination of “smart +” as the main factor, the combination of general education and specialized education, and the integration of multi-disciplines. TIEI responds to the country’s demand for applied high-level engineering talents, adhering to the concept of engineering education reform and innovation in Tianjin University for more than 120 years, continuously improving the teaching model, ensuring the teaching quality, and constructing An international engineering leading talent training system with the characteristics of Sino-French engineering education, world-class and TJU characters.

In July 2017, TIEI passed the authoritative certification of CTI and awarded highest level of certification for six years. It is the first non-Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools in China. In November of the same year, the TIEI also obtained the EUR-ACE certification, which was recognized by the international education community.TIEI submitted a report to Polytech Group in December 2018  in order to provides a broader platform for students to study abroad, make exchange, enjoy foreign excellent education resources, international vision and work internship.

Polytech Group, Cradle for Elite Engineers

It is learnt that before TIEI’s admission into the Group, the Polytech Group included 15 French public faculties dedicated to higher education, research and innovation in engineering. These institutions, under the authority of the French Ministry of Higher Education, formed a network of 15 French universities, sharing a unique model for their 15 faculties of engineering. All the Polytech faculties offer Ingénieur’s degrees accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI) as French “Diplômes d’Ingénieur”. The diploma is certified by the Chinese Ministry of Education as a master’s degree.

TIEI has injected the international high-quality education blood into Polytech Group. The uniqueness and specialty of the five “smart +” majors will further enrich the educational and teaching resources of Polytech Group.

Polytech Group Members