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TIEI Held an Internship Information Session for Grade 18 Students to France Successfully

On December 26th, TIEI held an internship information session for Grade 18 students who will go to France for their internship in the Building 26, Room B415 of Tianjin University Weijin Road Campus. This session is to make our students fully understand all kinds of matters of going to France to participate in the engineering phase internship project. Zhang Xiaojuan, secretary of the foreign affairs, Liu Yingtong, publicity secretary, Zhang Fuxiang, a 17-year computer science major student, and all Grade 18 students attended the information session.



First of all, Zhang Xiaojuan gave a detailed introduction to the students from the cost of the internship in France, the visa process, and the feedback from the students who had participated in the internship project. Subsequently, Liu Yingtong emphasized the important points that students need to pay attention to when they go to practice in France. She also hoped that all the students should cherish the opportunity to take an internship in France and apply what they learned through internship practice. Finally, Zhang Fuxiang answered the questions raised by the students combining with his own experience.


It is reported that TIEI actively cultivates future outstanding engineering innovation talents according to the training mode of French engineers. During the period of “engineering” training, students need to complete three stages internship tasks: blue-collar internship, assistant engineer internship and engineer internship. This information session aims to promote the development of international exchange programs for students, expand the students’ international perspective, and enhance students’ international competitiveness.