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A Delegation from Tianjin International Engineering Institute of Tianjin University Made a Visit and Communication with Polytech Nice-Sophia, France

From November 20th to 24th, Guan Jing, vice director of Tianjin International Engineering Institute of Tianjin University, Yu Qian, vice director of the Qiushi Honors College, Yu Ce, head of Computer Technology and Li Fawen, head of Water Engineering of Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) and the other two teachers went to Polytech Nice-Sophia, France for a five-day visit and communication. Alexandre Caminada, President of Polytech Nice-Sophia, and Philippe Gourbesville, former President, made reception and communication with the delegation.

The two sides reached an important consensus on jointly developing a Sino-foreign cooperative education project. The delegation and Alexandre Caminada, President of Polytech Nice-Sophia, and former President Philippe Gourbesville conducted in-depth and meticulous communication on Sino-foreign cooperative education, focusing on cooperation major, enrollment scale, curriculum system, teacher arrangement, duration of cooperation and other related matters. The two sides agreed to sign a cooperation agreement as soon as possible so as to jointly promote the application of Sino-foreign cooperative education project.

TIEI and Polytech Nice-Sophia, France send students to each other's universities for study and exchange every semester. The faculty delegation of our institute held a discussion with the international students who will come to our Institute for study and exchange. Guan Jing introduced the general situation of Tianjin University and TIEI to them, so that they could fully understand TIEI of Tianjin University. During this period, Yu Qian and Shi Ziqing reviewed the application materials of 9 students. Through brief conversations with foreign students, the delegation of our institute learned about their basic situation and gave a detail answerers to their questions about study, living and accommodation during the exchange in our institute.

Guan Jing, Yu Ce and Shi Yang discussed with Philippe Gourbesville and revised the report about TIEI application to join the French National University Polytech Group. The Polytech Group is composed of 14 engineering colleges, which are from the best universities of science and engineering in France. It is the cradle of French engineers and the starting point of the elite, and once students have been accepted, they can enter the French elite education system. After several years’ study, they can obtain the French "Diploma of Engineer" (Master's Degree). Therefore, in order to further promote the advantages of the national university’s profound academic background and the flexibility of engineer education, practice the training program of TIEI to train outstanding international engineers, and promote the “Excellent Engineer Program” in China, TIEI hopes to become one member of the Polytech Group.

Li Fawen made a discussion on jointly building a smart water specialty with Oliver and Lv Lianwei, heads of smart water of Polytech Nice-Sophia. Firstly, Li Fawen introduced the construction of the new specialty smart water of Tianjin University in detail, and communicated with the French heads on the curriculum setting, the allocation of teachers, and the practice base of the new major. Then, Li Fawen gave a detailed introduction to the development status and research results of the specialty water engineering of Tianjin University. The two sides made an in-depth discussion in the direction of possible cooperative research in the future and reached a preliminary consensus on the cooperation and co-construction of the Smart Water Specialty.

The delegation visited public classrooms, learning Center, canteens and laboratories of Polytechnic Nice-Sophia, France, where students study, do some scientific research and live in. Yu Ce, Li Fawen and Philippe Gourbesville and other teachers have conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on possible scientific cooperation between the two sides in the future.

This communication and exchanges between the delegation of our institute and Polytech Nice-Sophia, France is not only to strengthen continuous exchanges and cooperation between the two universities, but also to promote the development of Sino-foreign cooperative education project, so as to jointly promote talents training and teaching reform in the field of Engineering in the two universities.

Content: Shi Ziqing