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Teachers and Students of TIEI Visit and Study to HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin Representative Office

(Correspondent Liu Yingtong) In order to develop students’ professional perspectives and further strengthen students’ internship practical ability, in the morning of November 16, Liu Yang and Wang Yina, enterprise liaisons of TIEI, led 20 students of Grade 16 majoring in computer science, electronic and communication technology visit and study to HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin Representative Office. Zhang Yifang, manager of school recruitment of the Tianjin Representative Office of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. received our institute group.

At the meeting between HUAWEI and our students, Fei Xiangyi, the Minister of Human Resources, first introduced the overall situation of the company to the participants. Subsequently, Zhang Yifang, manager of school recruitment, gave a detailed introduction to the recent school recruitment of HUAWEI. In the question and answer part, the students of our institute raised questions to the representatives of HUAWEI according to the content of the report. In response to the questions and needs of the students, the representatives of HUAWEI made detailed answers about the employment and salary and benefits that the students are most concerned. After this part, Liu Yang and Zhang Yifang conducted in-depth discussions on further cooperation between the school and the enterprise in order to provide students with more extensive internship and employment opportunities.

Our institute enterprise club has 48 members. HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the members. The purpose of this visit to Tianjin Representative Office of HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd. is to broaden our students’ knowledge horizons, know the frontier trends of enterprises timely, and further promote communication and cooperation between schools and enterprises. Under the mechanism of school-enterprise alliance, we are committed to cultivating more outstanding engineering leaders who serve the social needs and national major development strategy.