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Excellent Alumni from University of Alberta, Canada Held a Discussion about Overseas Studies and Life Experience with TIEI Students

(Correspondent: Liu Yingtong) On Dec. 25th, 2017, to improve TIEI students’ understanding of overseas studies and life and make overall plans for their future learning and personal development, post-doctor Jiang Keren and doctor Liu Jun of University of Alberta, Canada were invited to hold a discussion about overseas studies and life experience for TIEI grade-2017 students.

Firstly, Jiang and Liu shared their life situation in Canada, studies, lab projects, scientific research achievements in University of Alberta with the present students via real personal experiences and vivid examples, and then gave the personal conclusions towards their further studies overseas. After that, Liu Jun gave detailed explanation of their valuable achievements and experience in the aspects of thesis publishing, scientific researching to the students. He expressed that it required the solid and professional academic research as well as the relatively strong teamwork ability to publish the thesis in the core periodicals and he especially emphasized the importance of personal leadership, cooperative spirits with others, the continuous optimizing of study method and to seek for the most adaptive method. Moreover, Jiang Keren raised his suggestions and hopes towards the students. He said that it is necessary to think big and start small, constantly expand the vision, to become experienced and knowledgeable, so as to guide the development of various aspects for the future through long-term personal experience accumulation.

It is known that University of Alberta is located in Edmonton, capital city of Alberta, Canada and was established in 1908. It consistently ranks the top 5 of the research universities in Canada with University of Toronto, McGill University and University of British Columbia, and it ranks the top 100 universities across the world. University of Alberta is the founder member of Canada University Alliance U15 as well as the member of the world university alliance, and it is one of the comprehensive universities majoring in scientific research among the 5 universities of whole Canada, with the scientific research level ranking top among the Canadian universities.

Through the experience sharing of the 2 excellent alumni of University of Alberta, the present students expressed that they had gained a better understanding of how to better study and live overseas. They’ve known that both a solid fundamental knowledge of specialty in the future scientific research projects and the continuous enhancing of teamwork ability are essential for them. Finally, this discussion was successfully ended in the on-going exchanges of ideas among the students and speakers.