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Tianjin University and NXP in AI Field Signed the Memorandum of Cooperation Regarding Construction of Emerging Engineering Education

(Correspondent: Liu Yingtong; Photograph: Tang Meng) On Dec. 11th, 2017, the signing ceremony for “Tianjin University-NXP Memorandum of Cooperation Regarding Construction of Emerging Engineering Education” was held in Tianjin University. Geoff Lees, senior vice president and general manager of micro-control business division of NXP semiconductor, Zheng Li, president of NXP Greater China region led the delegation of 10 high-level leaders came to Tianjin University, and attended this ceremony along with Wang Shuxin, vice president of Tianjin University, comrades in charge of the relevant offices, departments and schools, as well as the teacher representatives. 3 government representatives including Li Ning, vice director of personnel exchange center, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhang Guihua, vice director of Committee of Industry and Information Technology, Tianjin Binhai New Area arrived at the ceremony and witnessed the holding. The ceremony was hosted by Gong Jinlong, division chief of academic affairs office.

First of all, vice president Wang Shuxin made a speech for the ceremony. He said that this cooperation is the dynamic combination of AI and engineering education, university teaching and enterprise demand, talents training and industry reform under the background of 3E (Emerging Engineering Education) construction. This cooperation is a good method for the combination of university and industry, as well as for education adapting to the future industrial demand. It is believed that both university and enterprise can realize the close cooperation with this opportunity to explore a new set of talents training model, so as to jointly promote the talents training of AI field.

Geoff Lees made a speech representing NXP Company. He said that NXP is a global leading semiconductor company with long-term and stable leading technology and experience, dedicated to provide advanced intelligent security interconnector solutions for automobiles, Internet of Things, communication and else fields. NXP is willing to have extensive cooperation with Tianjin University in the AI field, share the advanced experience, technology and products in the aspects of high-performance processors on AI platform and algorithm, so as to jointly cultivate the talents in the AI field.

Tianjin University famous alumni Zheng Li made a speech representing NXP (China) Management Company Ltd., and he emphasized that NXP has a total of about 7,000 employees and 1,000 excellent engineers in the Greater China region, with 40% core talents of the latter from Tianjin University. He expressed that NXP has close and friendly cooperation relationship with Tianjin University in different forms and different levels, and the both sides have had mutual support and feedbacks during the past years. The cooperation of NXP and Tianjin University for this time in the AI field has significant academic value and industrial meaning.

Vice director Li Ning extended his congratulations to both sides signing the “Tianjin University-NXP Memorandum of Cooperation”. He introduced the situation of the personnel exchange center, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and expressed that the center has witnessed the great cooperative achievements between Tianjin University and NXP, and it will always support the cooperation and exchanges between university and enterprise as before and actively promote the in-depth development of industry-university-research cooperation. He also hoped that Tianjin University and NXP can take this cooperation as the chance to give full play to their advantages, seize the opportunity and contribute more for Tianjin and even the development of the whole nation.

At last, the both sides jointly signed the “Tianjin University-NXP Memorandum of Cooperation”. The signing reflects that Tianjin University is to formally launch the exchanges and cooperation with NXP in the AI field. It is known that the both sides will jointly launch the AI platform construction and construct the training base of Industry 4.0 North China Region, and continuously explore the new model of industry-university integration and university-enterprise cooperation, so as to contribute more to the talents training of the Emerging Engineering Education.