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[Mingde Project] Be Faithful to the History and Continue Marching Forward ------ Tianjin International Engineering Institute

To further study and implement the spirits of national university ideological and political work conference, put into practice theOpinion of Strengthening and Improving the University Ideological and Political Work under the New Background, make the ideological and political education work penetrate the whole process of postgraduate training, perfect the methods and measures of postgraduates’ ideological and political education work, as well as to enhance the effectiveness of postgraduates’ ideological and political education, the students’ affairs department of Tianjin University organized and reformed the project-setting-up work of postgraduates’ quality education plan in March, 2017, and launched the first phase of cases creating and selecting work with the theme of“Mingde Project” postgraduates ideological and political education.

To actively respond to the“Mingde Project”, further improve the ideological and political qualities of all the postgraduates of TIEI, all the party members of the specialty computer science party branch of grade-2016 TIEI postgraduates took the lead and launched a very meaningful practical activity.Here is the detailed explanation of this education case.

On the morning of October 22nd, 2017, the party members arrived at Beiping-Tianjin Campaign Museum located in Hongqiao district, Tianjin to launch the practice activity with the theme of“be faithful to the history and continue marching forward”.

The students were attracted by themilitary exploits exhibited around the museum once arrived.The models of gun carriers and combat aircrafts made the students feel the good great improvements of the nation’s military strength, and they took the photos to mark the moment besides the models.

In the museum hall were standing five statues --- great leaders of Mao Zedong, Zhude, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai and Ren Bishi, with full confidence, marching forward with the impressive appearance.Their steps were with unswerving determination, while their eyes shining the firm belief of fighting for people’s liberation and strong confidence of building the beautiful new China.

Then the students visited the prelude hall, battle-decision hall, battle-implementation hall and the theme hall of“Two Studies and One Action”.In the prelude hall, they watched the newspaper exhibition of“Without the CPC, There Would Be No New China”.All the selected newspapers have history of over 100 years.Via reading, the students were once again inspired by hard struggling of the Chinese people for the liberation and nationindependence as well as the splendid achievements made since the establishment of China under the leadership of CPC.As the vanguard of the working class, the leading core of China’s socialist course and the representative of the interest of Chinese people of all nationalities, CPC alwaysrepresents the fundamental interests of the broad masses of people ever since its establishment.It serves the people whole-heartedly, adheres to the mass line, from the masses and going among the masses.The history tells the students the true essence that person who win the hearts of people win the world.This is surely a very great strategy and purpose.It is because the CPC wholeheartedly represents the interest of Chinese people of all nationalities that it can win the great support of the masses during the war period and then lead the people to fight against the oppress and achieve theindependence.It liberates China and keeps making every effort during the peaceful time to lead the Chinese people into a prosperous stage so as to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The students went around the halls with respects.As the key battle for liberating Beiping, the Beiping-Tianjin Campaign is crucial in the history of China’s liberation.It was a strategic and decisive battle with great scale against North China KMT army under the leadership of Chairman Mao Zedong, operated by over amillion soldiers of northeast field army and North China military force of the PLA, from Nov. 29th, 1948 to Jan. 31st, 1949, along the battle line of 500 kilometers from Tangshan in the east to Zhangjiakou in the west.Via the military strike and political efforts, a total of 520 thousand of KMT army were killed or rearranged, the whole area of North China was basically liberated.The success of the campaigns of Beiping-Tianjin, Liaoxi-Shenyang and Huai-Hai established the successful prospects of the liberation war across the nation.The“Tianjin Model”,“Beiping Model” and“Suiyuan Model” appearing later during the Beiping-Tianjin Campaign were of significant strategic meaning for dealing with the remaining KMT army and accelerating the process of liberation war.This campaign not only converged the military talents and wisdom of numbers of outstanding generals, but also showed the great enthusiasm of the mass in Beiping and Tianjin, as well as their support and admire towards the CPC and PLA.Through the visiting of the museum, the students were further enlightened by the wisdom and pursuit of CPC and the great strength of the Chinese people.

In the museum, the students were greatly interested in the manuscripts of Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou about the general plans of Beiping-Tianjin decisive campaign, as well as the weapons and daily-used articles of the soldiers.They weresurprised by the rich collections in the museum, from the warships and aircrafts ever serving the people’s war to the pen used by Premier in Xibaipo and the towel used by the marshal in the frontline.The exhibition vividly reflects the overall situation and the significance of the battle, reappeared the revolution spirit of the soldiers joining the campaign, so was very much touching.Many situation maps before wars, CPC leaders’ analysis and conference maps, strategic plan maps and number comparison charts of KMT and CPC members before and after wars were exhibited in the battle-decision hall and battle-implementation hall.Each picture, file, article exhibited in the halls impressed the students with the pressured situation preparing for wars in North China, the revolution spirits of the older generation fighting for future as well as the great support from the mass towards the PLA.

The museum also showed the rough tools used by the farmers in the central Hebei province during that period.The sculptures showed the people saving cloth to make shoes for the army.Despite the poor lifeduring that time, people were positively determined with warm smiles, showing their full confidence for the success of Chinese people.They firmly believe that the day of freedom and liberation will surely come, and the happy life of people being the master of the nation will be finally realized.

During this visit, the students were carefully andpositively participating in the discussion.Once the Beiping-Tianjin Campaign was mentioned, the students recalled the knowledge they’ve accumulated during their history books and daily learning, which was both the test for the students and the consolidating of the knowledge they’ve learned before.They looked for their hometowns when reading the situation and route maps before the war and had deep feelings when remembered that their hometowns were liberated by the PLA.They also saw the war situation map of the whole North China, and once again felt the greatness of CPC for the PLA had liberated such a large area.They fully understood the difficult coming of success achieved by the CPCleading the people.

During the visit, the students were impressed by people’s support towards the PLA.During the battles, a large number of people actively join the PLA to make their best effort for the national liberation.The articles that the soldiers ever used aroused the students’ memories towards their previous life.At last, the students signed the names on the autograph book and the activity was successfully ended.

After coming back to the school, the members of the party branch started several publicity and education activities in classes and grades.The members not only guided the students to review the splendid cause of the beginning and successfully ending of Beiping-Tianjin Campaign, but also make them feel the sacrifice spirits of the older generation of struggling for the revolution, bravely and fearlessly advancing.The students understood the happy life was hard-earned, and expressed that they will alwaysremember the history, learn from the older revolutionary generation, inherit and carry forward the glory tradition they’ve left, treasure all they have owned, love the party and respect their work, be strict to themselves to be a qualified party member, and make their own contributions for the development of the country.The students all understood that they should value their present life, that as a college student, postgraduate, they should always follow the pace of the party, push forward the implementation of a series of strategies and decisions of China, so as to contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

This activity was carried out successfully, the party members and TIEI students also showed great enthusiasm.The activity brought great achievements, and was a relatively satisfactory practice activity.It is hoped that more similar activities can be launched in the future for getting greater ideological education results among the students.