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Enjoy Our Leadership Course

Recently, five teachers Russell Frank, Craig Nordgren, Philip Oskey, Brian Holzgraefe and Nathan Haynes coming form America will give the lesson of leadership for Sino-French Class for two weeks. Five teachers are open and easy-going, so students have a high expectation for the Leadership Course.

In the eleven-day course, these five teachers showed us the several component elements of leadership combing their own experience. The elements of leadership are Integrity, Courage, Discipline, Loyalty, Humility, Responsible and Commitment. In addition, they explained the relationship between leadership and quality. In the classroom, in order to inspire us the quintessence of every elements, teachers organized real cases and kinds of interactive games. We have a comprehensive understanding about the knowledge after that.

After the class, teachers and us took all kinds of activities, including chatting in coffee shop, soccer and basketball games, one-day tour in Ancient Culture Street etc. Students got released after the tense course. In addition, we experienced American culture atmosphere through getting along with them.

In the end of the course, teachers also prepared a surprising Pizza Party Time for students. In the party, teachers showed their gratitude for students’ enthusiastic treating, and students expressed their reluctant mood for teachers’ leaving. Students took photos with teachers one after another, and presented their carefully prepared gifts. The eleven-day Leadership Course went to the end in the harmonious atmosphere. Students expressed that they will understand and master the knowledge teacher told. Leadership is a coalition of several qualities. You can realize a self-actualization and successful end through self-discipline and self-improvement constantly.