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The Oral Defense of TIEI’s 2016 Assistant Engineer Internship Is Successfully Held

Oct.9, 2016, 9:00am, Tianjin International Engineering Institute held the oral defense of assistant-engineer internship in 2016. This defense is to check students’ performance in their second-stage internship, aiming to enhance students’ understanding about engineer, to know students’ practic effect, and to strengthen the contact of TIEI and companies.

SHAO Peng, LI Jing of NXP (China) Management Co. Ltd, as well as LI Jian of Tianjin Edata Technology Group were present the defense as company judges, while campus judges were included with SHAN Xiaolin, the party secretary of Qiushi Honors College, LV Chengang and XU Yan, teachers of the School of Electronic Information Engineering, YU Mei, WANG Jianrong and LI Xuewei, teachers of Computer School together with Architecture School’s teachers LIU Kuixing and GUO Juanli.

The assistant engineer internship was completed in last summer vacation by students of 2014 class and 2015 class. Some of them went to France for studying and exchange, and others went to companies or joined campus scientific research. At the meeting, students presented what they gained during the internship by PowerPoint and answering judges’ questions, which won consistent praise from judges.

Combined with the French engineer cultivating mode, TIEI arranges three stages internships for its students, including 1-month blue-collar internship, 3-month assistant engineer internship and 6-month engineer internship, aiming to consolidate students’ knowledge system gradually, develop their independent working ability, and know forefront trend of their field. The defense means TIEI’s first assistant-engineer internship completed successfully. It is believed that under the cooperation of university and companies, TIEI is going to produce much more excellent leading talents in engineering.