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Qiushi Honors College Held the Opening Ceremony of Grade-2016 Undergraduate

Qiushi Honors College held its undergraduate opening ceremony in Xijie 101 classroom of the Weijin Road campus on 4 September 2016. Vice president of Tianjin University, director of Qiushi Honors College, professor Yu Jianxing attended the ceremony and made a speech. Party secretary of Qiushi Honors College Shan Xiaolin, deputy director Luo Zhen, Yu Yong and all staff attended the meeting. The ceremony was presided over by Shan Xiaolin.

Yu Jianxing gave a warm welcome and sincere congratulations to all the freshmen who were chosen to enter Qiushi Honors College in his speech. He first expounded what is "Chinese dream" and how to realize the "Chinese dream", then he taught students to have patriotic spirit and to cultivate their feelings by cases "Nanhai arbitration", "Diaoyu Islands". Yu Jianxing introduced the teaching guidelines of Tianjin University "rigorous scholarship and strict teaching requirements" and "double strict". He warned us to be an honest , trustworthy and noble man, resolutely avoid cheating and academic misconduct behavior. Yu Jianxing pointed out that, after many years of teaching reform practice, Tianjin University has formed a world-class undergraduate education and teaching system, meanwhile our undergraduate students have got outstanding achievements in all kinds of domestic and abroad science and technology Competitions. He warned the students to cultivate the spirit of professionalism and positive attitude so that could enjoy the learning process and finish university study confidently, efficiently, pleasently and successfully. He wished that the students would improve their emotional intelligence, ability and knowledge in Tianjin University and become a man of tremendous promise.

Luo Zhen introduced the development situation, work target, organizational structure and achievement of teaching reform in recent years of Qiushi Honors College, while encouraging students to study hard, participate in research projects and academic competitions actively. He promised that college would provide the greatest convenience for the study, research and competition of the students and suggested that students determine their own goals scientifically and reasonably, find their own learning methods and to work hard. Finally, he wished the students to get proud achievements and become an elite talent.

In the warm applause from the participating teachers and students, the opening ceremony of grade-2016 undergraduate student ended successfully.