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The International Conference on Engineer Education Has Been Held at Tianjin University

July 14, 2016, an international conference about engineer education was held at Tianjin University, expert mission from AAFIE attending the meeting with YU Jianxing, the vice-president of Tianjin University, in the chair. During the conference, representatives respectively in charge of Qiushi Hornors College, Tianjin International Engineering Institute, Deans Office and International Division had a discussion with the expert mission about issues of cultivation of international engineers and the reform of engineering education.

At the beginning of the meeting, YU introduced the university’s history, the situation of new campus running and the current state of undergraduate cultivation to AAFIE experts, in which he said, Tianjin University has been exploring a lot for both undergraduate engineers training patterns and the engineering education reform, having been devoted to cultivating excellent talents who has national identity, global vision, innovative spirit together with practical ability; have been giving proper guidance to students in building their self-esteem and self-confidence in order to make them enjoy the process of their learning and growing. YU stressed that, Tianjin University is just like a sponge, continuously drawing excellent advanced modes and ideas of engineering education while making exploration and practice.

The vice-chairman of AAFIE, G. Mark Stewart first affirmed that Tianjin University has achieved brilliant performance in engineering talents training. Then he introduced the association’s basic situation as well as its ideas and resources in improving university’s engineering education global competitive power. Mr. Stewart emphasized that the association is an “international competitive” professor group, which consists of American transnational company’s inventors, senior engineers and entrepreneurs, which would help Tianjin University’s engineer cultivation by bilateral cooperation and sharing courses resources.

In the following time of the meeting, delegates made a further discussion about the details of cooperation between Tianjin University and AAFIE.

AAFIE is a non-governmental organization led by American universities’ professors, which include American transnational company’s inventors, senior engineers and entrepreneurs, being committed to the development of global high-level universities and the launching of global competitive projects. The core content of AAFIE professor group is international engineering convention, international engineering mindset, international new product developing and international engineering case studying. This group cooperates with colleges and universities, constructing international engineering innovation laboratories together, to produce international-vision innovative talents for the world.