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Symposium Between President of Polytech Nice-Sophia and Teachers of Tianjin International Engineering Institute

On April 29th, President Philippe carried out symposium with teacher representatives from the three specialties of building, computer science and electronics of Tianjin International Engineering Institute. The symposium was hosted by Shan Xiaolin, secretary of the party committee of Qiushi Honors College.

At first, Mr.Shan Xiaolin introduced the target and mode, features and advantages, mission and vision of TIEI. He thanked for all the supports from Tianjin University and the society. Tianjin International Engineering Institute is the engineering personnel training experimental area between Tianjin University and Polytech Nice-Sophia. In the next phase, TIEI will put more attention to interdisciplinary cooperation, innovation, laboratory construction, and continue to promote university-enterprise cooperation platform construction work, in order to provide the teachers with depth cooperation, teaching reform, experimental innovation research environment and hardware conditions.

President Philippe introduced French engineering education history, the importance of its role, and the overall situation of Polytech Nice-Sophia. He discussed with the teachers about engineering personnel training, international exchange of recruited students, laboratory and university-enterprise cooperation platform construction and so on. He said, the professional teachers should get out of college and the limitation of professional background, build a platform through the TIEI and have more contact and communication with French teachers, in order to promote the teaching quality of ascension and the exchange of scientific research, produce more competitive engineering talents.