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General Manager of Siemens Industry Department, Visited Qiushi Honors College

On December 23th,Shen Yunyan,the deputy director of Tianjin International Engineering Institute Council and general manager of Shipbuilding, ports and lifting Department in Siemens (China),visited Qiushi Honors College ,sharing students with career planning and experience in Industry 4.0 era.

The lecture began in a warm atmosphere.Ms Shen vividly described how to plan career and choose career,from career planning contents, planning details and planning approaches. Combining with her years of experience, Ms. Shen brought a vivid lesson to students, in how to choose between "good at" and "fond of", how to position themselves and how to prepare for the future career "seriously but not stressed ".She recommends students do more research for career planning, and look for opportunities to practice with an open, positive attitude.

Then,Ms Shen actively interacted with students,who put forward questions about the various stages of career plans. Ms. Shen patiently answered those questions one by one,benefiting students much.

Qiushi Honors College is committed to foster international engineering leading talents and future scientists with sustainable international competitiveness, leadership, practical ability and innovation ,focusing on the cultivation of students' practical ability.The lecture not only builds a bridge of communication between students and the enterprise, providing the latest requirements and standard of choosing and employing students, but also guides students to do career planning.