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Summary Report Towards Summer Internship of the Students Majoring in Building

December 2, 2015 morning, students who major in building, Tianjin International Engineering Institute (referred to as TIEI) made a presentation about internship in summer in Tianjin real estate group co.,ltd (referred to as Tianfang after)

Yang Bin, Chief Engineer, Li Chunjiang, Deputy Chief Engineer of Tianfang, and Shan Xiaolin, Party Secretary of Qiushi Honors College and three teachers of TIEI attended the meeting hosted by Chen Sihan Minister of Human Resources Department.

Firstly, Minister Chen made a brief introduction to students' internship and final results, and Chen hoped that the two sides can broaden the cooperation after, strengthen the cooperation between college and enterprise, further accomplish share of resources. Subsequently, students of building major reported the internship results.

During the short internship in one month, students were exposed to a lot of practical problems, and tried using knowledge to solve problems. After the end of the presentation, students said that the internship, compared with the previous practice, is more practical. In each stage of internship, students can feel the concern and get detailed guidance from corporate leadership and employees. Although time is short, students can hold ability out of books, students expressed the desire of continued learning. Then Li highly praised for the results, hoping students to pay more attention application of environment analysis into commercial estates in the future practice.

Next, Yang Bin, the Chief Engineer, gave the bonuses of recognition to students who have produced results during the internship.

After award, Yang briefly introduced the history of Tianfang, followed by introduction to the 100-year residential projects. Yang felt welcomed that students can participate in this project, highly praised for results of students during internship and hoped that students can be more involved in the residential project the future, learning more about, understanding and paying attention to Tianfang.

Party Secretary, Shan listened to students' internship report and said that training of students in schools is inseparable from the enterprise's support, appreciating for concern towards students of Tianfang, also deeply agreed with the philosophy of cherishing talents of Tianfang. Secretary Shan especially mentioned the close fit between residential project and smart building, hoping Tianfang can absorb more excellent talents in the future, create 100-year residential for the country, sculpturing it into the eternal quality.

In the end, Chen sum up the meeting, promoted that the company's engineers can regularly go to school making professional and technical seminars. Both sides are looking forward to carrying out more in-depth exchanges and interaction in the future, deepen cooperation between college and enterprise, achieving taking both "education" and "practice" in account.