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The Party Branch Grows Up in Win-Win Pattern

To broaden party member’s horizon and facilitate the communication and interaction between the branches, in the morning of November 27th, 2015, leaded by party branch secretary, Shan Xiaolin, a 15 party members’ team, which consists of teachers and students who come from Qiushi Honors College and TIEI (Tianjin International Engineering Institution), visited and learned at management committee of the central business district of Tianjin Binhai New Area.

Accompanied by Yue Yihong, the deputy director general of economic development board of the central business district of Tianjin Binhai New Area, the team looked the sand table of Binhai New Area planning and acquired the introduction of the overall planning of the New Area and the setting of functional districts. Then, in the symposium, the deputy director of management committee of central business district, Li Cailiang, communicated the cultivating pattern and direction of TIEI with the team. He also introduced which kind of elites are needed by building the Shuang Chuang Special Zone and the development platform and opportunities provided by free trade experimentation area, which gets bonus from government’s policy.

After meeting, the team visited Yu Jiapu Commercial Street – the “Global shopping”, which is the exhibiting and transaction platform of bonded import commodity. And experienced the convenience of one-step service for trading cross border brought by “Global shopping” of Yu Jiapu, which gets help from the policy and resource platform of free trade area.

Finally, the team visited the Shuang Chuang mansion, which is located at Yu Jiapu and is also the important carrier of Shuang Chuang Special Zone. And they also watched the multimedia presentation and experienced the convenient services of space “Internet+”.

The goal of the activity of building party branch is to make the students be familiar with the revolution and innovation basement which is in national leading and international classic level that can provide full functions and services; the good environment and bright prospects of development of innovation and business startups in Binhai New Area with the supporting of government. Moreover, this activity also inspired the teachers to realize new ways of cultivating elites. Finally, the activity enhanced the communication between Tianjin University and the party branch of management committee of central commercial district of Binhai New Area and exploited a new way of organization activity.