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Tianjin International Engineering Institute Establishes the Board of Directors

On the morning of April 24, 2015 Tianjin International Engineering Institute (TIEI) of Qiushi College, Tianjin University held the inaugural meeting of the Board of Diectors in the Eighth Conference Room of the Conference Building. The Board of the International Engineering Institute of Tianjin University was set-up in order to promote the establishment and the management of the institute, and to advance the linkages and cooperation between Qiushi College and the community.

Professor Philippe Gourbesville, the President of Polytech Nice-Sophia University, Tianjin University’s President Professor Li Jiajun, Vice-President Professor Yu Jianxing and Assistant to the President Professor Hu Wenping attended the ceremony. Luo Zhen, Deputy Director of Qiushi Honors School, hosted the meeting.

Some 20 representatives from well-known industries, both domestic and foreign companies, included Yin Jihui, Deputy Director of Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial; Li Qiang, Chairman of Board of Directors of Tianjin Pipe Corporation; Mao Tie, General Manager of Tianjin Realty Development Co., Ltd; Hu Lingbing, General Manager of Tianjin Metallurgy Group Co., Ltd.; Shen Yunyan, General Manager of Marine & Shipbuilding, Cranes and Hoist Sectors, Siemens; Yan Wende, Vice President of ZTE Corporation, Director of ZTE Power Research Institute, and representatives from China Construction, iFLYTEK CO., Ltd also attended the ceremony. The senior executives of the Office of Undergraduate Affairs, Office of Science & Technology, Graduate School, Office of International Cooperation, faculty staff from the School of Electronic Information Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Architecture, School of Computer Science and Technology, School of Liberal Arts and Law of Tianjin University, expatriate lecturers, senior executives of TIEI, and student representatives also attended the meeting.

At the ceremony, the Board appointed the Director, Vice Directors and the members, a total membership of 38, including 25 representatives from Polytech Nice-Sophia and the industries. Professor Li Jiajun served as Chairman of the Board. All members of the Board discussed and adopted “The Charter of the Board of Directors of Tianjin International Engineering Institute”.

Vice Chair Shen Yunyan, who is also the General Manager, Marine & Shipbuilding, Cranes and Hoist Sectors of Siemens, gave a speech on behalf of the corporate directors. She explained from the businesses’ point of view, the central role played by engineers on industry development. She said that in the future they would focus on university-industry cooperation and support the related work of TIEI.

Professor Philippe highly praised the establishment of the Institute and the preparations for CTI. He said that the recent achievements indicated the efficient and meticulous work ethics of TIEI. He hoped that in the future Polytech Nice-Sophia could continue to exchange and share their experiences, and believed that the TIEI would excel in its endevours.

Professor Li Jiajun expressed his heartfelt thanks in his speech. He said Tianjin University was the pioneer of the reform in engineering education, and with the leadership of Vice President Yu Jianxing, Tianjin University has been committed to projects in engineering education reform. With the resources of Qiushi Honors College, TIEI offered two options for the students. Training engineers and meeting the requirements for the industries. He hoped there would be more well-known enterprises joining the Board. With the spirt of "Hackerspace" , TIEI would cultivate the students’ entrepreneurship skills and provide a space for innovation and entrepreneurship.

TIEI held teaching seminars on Electronic Information System, Computer Science, and Smart Building setting the training plans and standards. Until now, it has offered 42 courses and more than 80% of the courses are taught in English. Students study for at least 70 hours a week. When the curriculum is completed, an eligible student will be awarded qualifications of both the Master’s degree of Tianjin University and the Master’s degree of the corresponding profession, as well as a Diploma of CTIs engineer.

The Board offers a platform for scientific decision-making, democratic supervision and social participation. The establishment of the Board indicates TIEI has entered a new stage. With the support of universities, industries and the government, TIEI would increasingly develop outstanding engineering talents at an international standard.