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TIEI Attends the Exchange Activity of Ladies Afterwork

On April 28, 2015, a cooperative exchange meeting was held in Beijing by French Chamber of Industry and Commerce and German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in China, hosted by Yinyan Gao, the chief inspector for activities and supports of the French Chamber of Commerce, and Chunling Wang, deputy director of the TIEI, attended the meeting on invitation on behalf of the college. The aim of this exchange meeting is to promote the communication and experience exchanges among the members, with representatives from nearly 20 famous enterprises including Benelux Chamber of Commerce, Big Data Industrial Alliance of China National Zhongguancun Science Park, Sino-Germany Industry and Commerce Technical Consulting Service CO. LTD., Ecovis and 5 Star Plus Retail Design attended.

Benelux Chamber of Commerce is devoted to enhance the economy and trade exchange between Benelux and China and investment projects from Belgium and Netherlands in China with total more than 500. During the meeting, BB had a thorough conversation with Catherine, PM of the Benelux Chamber of Commerce, promoting the diversification of the enterprise club of TIEI.

During the meeting, Chunling Wang presented the brochure of TIEI to all the participants and discussed with them about the important role of enterprises in the cultivation of engineers, which tightened the connection between the talent cultivation of the college and the enterprises and enhanced the mutual friendship.

This activity further improved the popularity of TIEI and promoted the exchanges between college and enterprises, establishing a favorable platform for the development and expansion of the enterprise club of the college.