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TIEI Held the Seventh Meeting of Enterprise Club

On December 25, TIEI held the seventh  meeting of enterprise club with the theme of “deepening the collaborative education mechanism and seeking new development of school-enterprise cooperation”. Representatives of 13 enterprises including HUAWEI, NXP, TATA Consultancy Services and other companies and TIEI leaders attended this meeting. The meeting was hosted by Guan Jing.

First of all, Yuan Xubo, Dean of QHC extended a warm welcome to the enterprise representatives. Subsequently, he introduced the development history of QHC and TIEI, and the construction plan of the School of Future Technology to the participants. He said QHC is actively exploring the cultivation of innovative talents that integrate “thinking, character, vision, knowledge, and ability”and relying on the enterprise club of TIEI, it implements the cooperative education mechanism of Industry-Academia-Research.

Shan Xiaolin, Party Secretary of QHC delivered a speech during during the discussion session. In his speech, he stated that driven by the new round of industrial revolution, as the vanguard of the construction of emerging engineering education at Tianjin University, QHC and TIEI will make every effort to promote the education and teaching reform of emerging engineering education and the cultivation of outstanding engineering talents in the future. Taking Industry-Academia-Research collaborative education as a breakthrough point, we will work with enterprises to cultivate socialist builders and successors who meet the development and construction needs of the new era.

The enterprise representatives said that we should focus on the demand orientation of enterprises and integrate the horizontal needs of enterprises with school education and teaching deeply. What is more, schools and enterprises should explore the cultivation of students’ practical ability and thinking ability, and pay attention to the development of talents’ comprehensive quality.

Focusing on the project driven teaching reform, innovative talent training, and building a practical education base, the enterprise representatives provide advice and suggestions for the future construction and development of QHC and TIEI. We hope that we can seek a new mechanism of collaborative education, and deepen the cooperation between the college and the enterprise and promote personnel training and transformation of project achievements.

The meeting aims to deepen the exchanges and cooperation between schools and enterprises, fully integrate the high-quality resources of education between schools and enterprises, work with enterprises to cultivate new talents of the times who shoulder the responsibility of national rejuvenation, actively explore the road of deep integration of Industry-Academia-Research of “win-win situation between schools and enterprises”, and make a contribution to the construction of emerging engineering education.