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Student Activities | TIEI Held Psychological Quality DevelopmentActivities for Grade 2020 Successfully

TIEI is a  new start, new environment for the grade 2020 students. In order to deepen their mutual understanding between the 2020 freshmen, enhance their cooperation,enhance their cohesion and sense of belonging, TIEI together with the Mental Health Education Center organized the psychological quality development activities for them in October, which was very successfully.


This activity was divided into two parts: indoor and outdoor.

Indoor: Electronics Students, see the below pictures:


Outdoor: Biomedical Engineering, Water Engineering, Computer Science and Smart Building Students,  see the below pictures:


We can help the freshmen to realize their own potential, believe in themselves, enhance their self-confidence through this group activity. At the same time, it can also enhance their sense of participation and responsibility and shape the team vitality.