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A Delegation from East China University of Science and Technology International Elite Engineering School Went to Tianjin University’s Tianjin International Engineering Institute for Research

  On April 29th, Huang Guangtuan, Vice Dean of the School of East China University Of Science And Technology International Elite Engineering,Yuan Shuanglong,Vice Dean,Sun Xiaoming, Foreign Affairs Officer, and Chen Mengting, General Administration, went to the School of Tianjin International Engineering Institute for Research. Guan Jing, Vice Dean of the School of Tianjin International Engineering Institute,Chen Wei, Office Director, and Educational Administrators Shao Chen and Shi Yang participated in the exchange discussion.

  At the meeting, Guan Jing warmly welcomed the visit of East China University of Science and Technology, and gave a detailed introduction on the development history, organizational structure, talent cultivation, and enrollment mode of the Tianjin International Engineering Institute. At the same time, it focused on the certification work of the CTI. Preliminary preparations, organization and implementation, and other aspects of experience sharing were conducted.

  Afterwards, Huang Guangtuan stated that the Tianjin International Engineering Institute is the first non Chinese-foreign cooperative education school to obtain CTI's highest-level 6-year certification based on the French engineer elite training model, and had rich experience in training international engineering talents. The curriculum is composed of 1/3 theory class, 1/3 practice class and 1/3 exercises class to fully cultivate students' ability to integrate theory with practice. Yuan Shuanglong said that the French engineer elite education focuses on the collaborative education of production, education and research. The Chinese and French engineer brother colleges should explore corporate resources in multiple ways during the process of students' growth and talents, and become a school-enterprise, enterprise-enterprise communication and cooperation link, so as to build a practice platform for students and help them go deep into the forefront of enterprise and application technology.

  Finally, the two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on topics of CTI certification, teaching management, enrollment models, and student ideological and political management. Both parties expressed that they will strengthen learning exchanges in the future, further enhance the quality of the college’s talent training and international influence, and be the guardian of international engineering personnel training in the new era.

  (By:SHAO Chen SHI Yang Translator:ZHANG Pingting)