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The Leadership Program Lecture for 2022 Postgraduates of the School of Future Technology Successfully Held

(Reporter: Liu Yingtong) On the afternoon of November 13, Mr. Ruan Wenshi, Director of Human Resources of Tata Consultancy Services ("TCS"), was specially invited to set up a leadership program lecture for our 2022 postgraduates, so as to cultivate students' leadership and promote the integrated development of individual quality. This event was attended by Yan Miaomiao, the person in charge of the university-enterprise cooperation of TCS, Liu Yanli, Vice Dean of the School of Future Technology of Tianjin University, Yang Wenming, Associate Professor of College of Management and Economics, Shao Chen, Academic Secretary of the School of Future Technology, and Liu Yingtong, secretary of university-enterprise cooperation, and they gathered together with all 2022 postgraduates in the "cloud" classroom.


At the beginning of the lecture, Liu Yanli, Vice Dean, expressed her heartfelt thanks to Mr. Ruan Wenshi. She said that as a pilot region for comprehensive reforms of talent training at Tianjin University, the School of Future Technology has maintained close exchanges and cooperation with TCS since the establishment of cooperation between the School and TCS. In particular, TCS has given a lot of support and help in the education of the School. It is hoped that the School will continue to cooperate with TCS to further deepen the reform of engineering education and explore the talent training mode for emerging engineering, so as to achieve deeper and broader cooperation between universities and enterprises.

Next, Mr. Ruan introduced the general situation of the development of TCS to the attendees. Taking this as an entry point, he made a speech focusing on leadership topics and examples of excellent leaders, provoking deep thoughts in students. Through interactive communication, he introduced the ability and quality to be an excellent leader.



After the lecture, the students actively communicated and interacted with Mr. Ruan about the lecture content. Mr. Ruan answered questions raised by the students based on his rich experience. The students said that through the lecture, they not only broadened their horizons of knowledge but also had a clearer understanding of how to become an excellent leader, which laid the foundation for their future development.

It is reported that in May 2019, the School and TCS signed a strategic agreement on university-enterprise cooperation. Both parties have conducted in-depth exchanges in talent training, resource sharing, and other aspects, which is of great significance to deepening the industry-university-research cooperation mechanism and other aspects.