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Bo Wang

Bo Wang

Associate Professor

School of Computer Science and Technology

Tianjin University

Building 55, Room 516,

No.135 Yaguan Road, Jinnan District, Tianjin, China


+86 13512828426






Research Interests


(1) Intelligent dialog system & Computational psychology: Techniques of intelligent dialog system, application of chatbot in the fields of psychological measurement and intervention, personalized recommendation and intelligent customer service; computational and psychological modeling and intervention of individual and group.

(2) Personalized recommendation: Research and application of multi-type personalized recommendation for information, people and objects

(3) Natural Language Processing: Automatic analysis of semantics, sentiment and opinions in social context.





Harbin Institute of Technology                                        Harbin, China 

Ph.D., Computer Science and Technology                             Sep. 2005 - Dec. 2009 

– Research topic: Machine Translation & Natural Language Processing

– Advisor: Prof. Tiejun Zhao


Dalian University of Technology                                        Dalian, China

Master’s Degree, Computer Science and Technology                    Sep. 2002 - Mar. 2005 

– Research topic: Space Clustering for Geography Information System

– Advisor: Prof. Zhongxian Chi


Harbin Institute of Technology                                        Harbin, China

Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science and Technology                  Sep. 1998 - Aug. 2002



Professional Experience


Tianjin University                                                  Tianjin, China

Associate Professor & Lecture                                      April. 2010 – present


University of Padua                                                   Padua, Italy

Short-term visiting scholar                                            April-May, 2014


Open University                                                Milton Keynes, UK

Short-term visiting scholar                                           March-June, 2013


Robert Gordon University                                            Aberdeen, UK

Short-term visiting scholar                                          June-August, 2011


Microsoft Research Asia                                              Beijing, China

Full-time Intern at Natural Language Computing group                  Jan. 2007 – Mar. 2008                                     






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Ÿ  Jinfeng Zhou, Bo Wang, Zhitong Yang, Dongming Zhao, Kun Huang, Ruifang He, Yuexian Hou, CR-GIS: Improving Conversational Recommendation via Goal-aware Interest Sequence Modeling. In Proc. COLING 2022 Oral (CCF-B)

Ÿ  Haocheng Wang, Ruifang He*, Huanyu Liu, Chenhao Wu, Bo Wang. Topic Model on Microblog with Dual-Streams Graph Convolution Networks. In Proceedings of 2022 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks. 2022. (CCF-C).

Ÿ  贺瑞芳王浩成刘宏宇王博*. 基于异构社交上下文多视图微博主题检测方法[J]. 软件学报.

Ÿ  Hui Chen, Bo Wang, Ke Yang, The Semi-definite Programming Model for Optimizing Information Propagation Rate on Social Network Based on the Spectral Graph Theory. In Proc. ICBDC 2022


Ÿ  Changhao Song, Bo Wang, Qinxue Jiang, Ruifang He, Yuexian Hou. Social Recommendation with Implicit Social Influence, In Proc. SIGIR 2021 (CCF-A)

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Ÿ  Jianping Liu, Bo Wang, Ruifang He, Bin Wu, Shuo Zhang, Yuexian Hou, Qinxue Jiang. LoCo-VAE: Modeling Short-term Preference as Joint Effect of Long-term Preference and Context-aware Impact in Recommendation. In Proc. PRICAI 2021 (CCF-C)

Ÿ  Bo Wang, Zunfu Huang, Dongming Zhao, Kun Huang, Meixian Song, Qinxue Jiang, Naixue Xiong. IDS: An Intelligent Data Semantics System for Communication Link Prediction in SIoT. In Proc. MSN 2021 (CCF-C)

Ÿ  Zunfu Huang, Bo Wang, Hongtao Liu, Qinxue Jiang, Naixue Xiong, Yuexian Hou. Improving Recommender System via Personalized Reconstruction of Reviews. In Proc. CollaborateCom 2021 (CCF-C)

Ÿ  Dongxiao He, Youyou Wang, Jinxin Cao, Weiping Ding, Shizhan Chen, Zhiyong Feng, Bo Wang, Di Jin. A Network Embedding Enhanced Bayesian Model for Generalized Community Detection in Complex Networks. Information Sciences (SCI 一区)

Ÿ  Yue Zhao, Bo Wang. Improving Automatic Recommendation by Modeling Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation with Q-learning. In Proc. ICBDC 2021

Ÿ  Geng Lei, Bo Wang, Yuan Wang, Yue Zhao. Semantic Connotation Profile of Online Social Relationship with Interactive Language. In Proc. ICBDC 2021


Ÿ  Yazhou Zhang, Dawei Song, Xiang Li, Peng Zhang, Panpan Wang, Lu Rong, Guangliang Yu, Bo Wang. A Quantum-like Multimodal Network Framework for Modeling Interaction Dynamics in Multiparty Conversational Sentiment Analysis, Information Fusion 62(2020) 14-31 (SCI 一区)

Ÿ  Hongyu Liu, Ruifang He, Haocheng Wang, Bo Wang. Fusing Parallel Social Contexts within Flexible-Order Proximity for Microblog Topic Detection. CIKM 2020 (CCF-B)


Ÿ  Meixian Song, Bo Wang*, Xindian Ma, Qinghua Hu, Xin Wang, Yuexian Hou and Dawei Song. Link Prediction with Attention-based Semantic Influence of Multiple Neighbors. In Proc. ICONIP 2019 (CCF-C)

Ÿ  Yaping Wang, Pengfei Jiao, Wenjun Wang, Chunyu Lu, Hongtao Liu and Bo Wang. Bipartite Network Embedding via Effective Integration of Explicit and Implicit Relations. In Proc. DASFAA 2019 (CCF-B)

Ÿ   Xunxun Wu, Pengfei Jiao, Yaping Wang, Tianpeng Li, Wenjun Wang and Bo Wang. Dynamic stochastic block model with scale-free characteristic for temporal complex networks. In Proc. DASFAA 2019 (CCF-B)


Ÿ  Yinghui Wang, Bo Wang, Yuexian Hou, Dawei Song. Automatic Update of Ontology Concept Hierarchy with New Entity Insertion and New Concept Generation Based on Semantic Measurement. In Proc. ICSCA 2018

Ÿ  Bai Xiang Xue, Bo Wang, Yanshu Yu, Ruifang He, Yuexian Hou, Dawei Song, Measuring Bidirectional Subjective Strength of Online Social Relationship by Synthetizing the Interactive Language Features and Social Balance. In Proc. CollaborateCom 2018 (CCF-C)

Ÿ     孙樱郡王博*, 杨朝洲杨量在线社会关系语义化度量的可视化分析中国科学技术大学学报


Ÿ  Bo Wang, Yingjun Sun, Bo Han, Yuexian Hou, Dawei Song. Extending the Balance Theory by Measuring Bidirectional Opinions with Interactive Language. In Proc. WWW 2017, Poster. (CCF-A)

Ÿ   Bo Wang, Yingjun Sun, Yuexian Hou, Dawei Song, Ruifang He. Position vs. Attitude: How Topological Factors Influence Our Difference in the Attitudes on Online Interrelationships? A Case Study with Language Use. In Proc. COLLABORATECOM 2017. (CCF-C)


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Ÿ   Bo Wang, Muyun Yang, Sheng Li, Tiejun Zhao. Evaluation of All-words WSD for Chinese in Machine Translation. ACTA AUTOMATICA SINICA, Vol. 34, pp. 535-541, 2008.  EI




2014-2016  The analysis of the propagation and influence of topics in social media with user profiles. The Tianjin Natural Science Foundation.



2012-2014  The automatic white-box evaluation of the natural language processing system. The National Natural Science Foundation of China.



2012  Domain adaptation of S2S, Bing Dictionary and Bing Translator with web mined and crowd sourced translation knowledge. MSRA UR Project.



2015-2017  The key Technologies of Knowledge Understanding and Reasoning in Human like Intelligence. The National High-tech R&D Program of China (“863” Project).

Main Participant


2013-2017  The basic theory and method of language information processing and depth computation in Internet Environment. Chinese National Program on Key Basic Research Project (“973” Project).

Main Participant




• Introduction of Social Computing


Tianjin University (Undergraduate students of CS department) 2012-2016

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Graduate student of different majors) 2014-2017


The course is mainly based on the book ‘Network Crowds and Markets’ (David Easley & Jon Kleinberg), and is organized as six parts: Introduction of social computing at internet age; Topology of social network; Game theory in social life; Propagation and influence of social information; Social exchange behavior; Group decision in community. Both classic theories and latest research are involved. The main theme of the course is how to understand the society with computational methods, associated with many case studies.


• Graph Theory


Tianjin University (Undergraduate students of CS department)


The theories and algorithms in graph theory. A set of social network problems are used as sample projects e.g., friends finding, small world construction and tuning, location of structure hole.