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Hui Ma

Professional TitleProfessor, Dr. 

AffiliationInstitute of Architectural Technology and Science,

School of Architecture, Tianjin University, China 

Major: Building and Environmental Acoustics 

Email: mahui@tju.edu.cn

Cellphone: +86 13114801296

Research Gate: Hui Ma



09/1991-07/1995 Bachelor, Tianjin Normal University, China

09/1995-07/1998 Master, Tianjin Normal University, China
09/2004 PhD in Environmental Acoustics, Kumamoto University, Japan


Academic Experience                                                                                                         
01/2005-06/2007 Lecturer, School of Architecture, Tianjin University, China 
07/2007-06/2014 Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Tianjin University, China 
Present, Professor, School of Architecture, Tianjin University, China

Teaching Activities                                                                                                                               
Lecture for undergraduate students on Building Physics (Acoustics Part) and Elementary Statistics
Lecture for graduate students on Room Acoustics, Noise Control, and Research Method


Research Activities                                                                                                                              
80+ publications, including 50+ in refereed journals, 20+ invited and contributed conferences 
10+ research projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science
, and Natural Science Foundation of Tianjin 
Reviewer for
10+ journals in acoustics & built environment


Main Areas of Research                                                                                                                                                                                                   
My research field is Environmental and Building Acoustics, and the detailed research topics relate to community response to noise, psychoacoustics, acoustical design and soundscape. Recently besides the study about the adverse effects brought by noise on adults, children and the aged, I have a growing interest on how to create a healthy acoustic environment for people and how to improve their well-being with suitable sound conditions. The main research projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China are as follows: 1) Community response to high-speed train noise; 2) A healthy acoustic environment in residential areas; 3) Restorative soundscape for children and autistic children; 4) Auditory warning signals for the elderlys urgency perception, and 5) Influence of non-acoustic factors on community response and soundscape evaluation. In addition, my research also covers noise policy and criteria, noise economy evaluation, sound quality evaluation in large spaces and urban soundscape protection.   As an acoustic consultant, I have experience on more than 30 practical projects such as the acoustical design of theaters, conference rooms and auditoriums, and noise control of residential and public areas.


Selected Publications as First and Corresponding Author                                                                                                                              
1. Hui Ma, Hua Su, Jiaao Cui, Characterization of soundscape perception of preschool children [J]. Building and Environment, 214: 108921, 2022

2. Mengjun Wen, Hui Ma, Jiaojiao Yang, Lu Yang, Main acoustic attributes and optimal values of acoustic parameters in Peking opera theaters [J]. Building and Environment, 217: 109041, 2022

3. Lan Zhang and Hui Ma, Investigation of Chinese residents community response to

high-speed railway noise [J]. Applied Acoustics,172:107615, 2021

4. Hui Ma, Mengjun Wen, Lijun Xu, Ziya Zhang, Contingent valuation of road traffic noise: A case study in China [J]. Transportation Research Part D, 93:102765, 2021

5. Xuhui Liu, Jian Kang, Hui Ma, Chao Wang, Comparison between architects and non-architects on perceptions of architectural acoustic environments [J]. Applied Acoustics, 184:108313, 2021

6. Yihong Jia, Hui Ma, Jian Kang, ChaoWang, The preservation value of urban soundscape

and its determinant factors [J], Applied Acoustics, 168: 107430, 2020

7. Yihong Jia, Hui Ma, Jian Kang, Characteristics and evaluation of urban soundscapes worthy

of preservation, Journal of Environmental Management [J], 253: 109722, 2020

8. Hongshan Liu, Hui Ma, Jian Kang, Chao Wang, The speech intelligibility and applicability

of the speech transmission index in large spaces [J], Applied Acoustics,167: 107400, 2020

9. Shan Shu and Hui Ma, Restorative effects of urban park soundscapes on childrens

psychophysiological stress, Applied Acoustics [J], 164: 107293, 2020

10. Jing Chen and Hui Ma, A conceptual model of the healthy acoustic environment elements,

framework, and definition, Frontiers in Psychology [J], 11(1): 554285, 2020

11. Jing Chen and Hui Ma, An impact study of acoustic environment on users in large interior

spaces, Building Acoustics [J], 26(2):139-153, 2019

12. Shu, Shan and Ma, Hui, Restorative Effects of Classroom Soundscapes on Children's

Cognitive Performance[J]. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,

16(2): 293-307, 2019

13. Shan Shu and Hui Ma, The restorative environmental sounds perceived by children [J]. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 60(1): 72-80, 2018

14. Ma Hui, Shu Shan. An Experimental Study: The Restorative Effect of Soundscape Elements in a Simulated Open-Plan Office [J]. Acta Acustica united with Acustica,104(1): 106-115, 2018

15. Wang Chao, Ma Hui, Wu Yue, et al. Characteristics and prediction of sound level in extra-large spaces[J]. Applied Acoustics,134: 1-7, 2018 


Professional Affiliations                                                                                                                                                                               

1. Chair, The 24th International Congress on Acoustics

2. Chair, The 40th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering 

3. Fellow, Council & Committees, Chinese Institute of Acoustics

4. Fellow, Council & Committees, Chair, Tianjin Institute of Acoustics 

5. Advisor of Equal-life Project