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Marc Gaetano

Marc Gaetano




Title:Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Sciences, Polytech Nice-Sophia. University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France)


Educational Background

1986 PhD in Computer Science, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis.

Topic: BASTA, a software for computing Gröbner Basis

1983 M.Sc. (Master of Science in Computer Science), University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis.

Topic: Efficient LISP-based implementation of multivariate polynomials

1981 B.Sc. C.S. (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis.

1980 B.Sc. M. (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis.

Major Academic Achievements, Awards and Honors:

Selected papers

(1) M. Gaëtano, S. Dalmas, O. Arsac,Formula edition with Emath The design of a customizabme compopnent to display and edit mathematical formulas, special issue of Journal of Symbolic Computation on Graphical user interfaces and Protocols, Volume 25, Number 2.

(2) M. Gaëtano, S. Dalmas,A Distributed and Cooperative Environment for Computer Algebra, in Journal of Symbolic Computation, volume 21, pp. 427-439.

(3) M. Canalis, F. Diener, M. Gaëtano,Calcul des valeurs à canard à l’aide de Macsyma, in Mathématiques Finitaires, Analyse non Standard, Tome 1, p. 153-167.

(4) M. Gaëtano, Y. Chicha,Mathematical Services Composition, proc. of SC’2004, Barcelone (Spain), Elsevier 2005.

(5) M. Gaëtano, Y. Chicha,Mathematical Web services: a case study, proc. of TES’2003, Berlin (Germany), LNCS 2819, pp. 155-167, September 2003

(6) M. Gaëtano, S. Dalmas, S.M. Watt,An OpenMath v1.0 Implementation, proc. of ISSAC’97, Hawaii (USA), July 1997.

(7) M. Gaëtano, S. Dalmas, A. Sausse,A Software for distributed computer algebra, proc. of the Third Africain Symposium on Computer Science (CARI’96), Libreville (Gabon), ORSTOM editor, October 1996.

(8) M. Gaëtano, S. Dalmas, A. Sausse,Distributed Computer Algebra : the Central Control approach, proc. of PASCO’94, Linz (Austria), World Scientific, pp. 104-113, September 1994.

(9) M. Gaëtano, ComputerAlgebra systems, new trends, proc. of the International Conference in Advances in Robot Kinematics, Linz (Austria), June 1990.