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Sen Li

Sen Li






Teacher of Tianjin University, is an IBM senior guest trainer. He has been engaged in basic research of database and operating system for a long time. The school mainly teaches the principles of database, operating system, Linux programming and other courses, and provides AIX, DB2, WAS, MQ, Java and other technical training and technical support for IBM employees, technical personnel of IBM-related product distributors and agents, and technical personnel of IBM's important customers such as banks, telecommunications, and tax systems.


Engineer of Tianjin University, is under a Master’s degree. In 1996, graduated from Tianjin University with a bachelor degree.

Research Interests

The projects he has participated in are as follows:

(1) Infrared interface processing of Jiangyin City IRS infrared tax system, Jiangsu Province

(2) Tianjin 12319 and Tianjin city emergency command system

(3) ERP system of Chinese and foreign construction co., LTD (Tianjin)

(4) CITIC Securities database system migration (os400 aix) DB2, data volume is 160G

(5) The data partitioning of China Mobile Shijiazhuang business decision system database, data volume is 400G,data partition

(6) The migration of part Tianjin Everbright insurance company business system, data volume is 80G.

(7) Galaxy Securities database system migration (linux -> aix) oracle, data volume is 100G.

(8) The design and partial implementation of Hitachi hard disk (Shenzhen) city Disaster Recovery System

(9) The management system of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Beijing) database, and daily maintenance of application middleware and communication middleware.

(10) The design and partial implementation of Galaxy securities storage system

(11) The planning of China UnionPay data center (Shanghai) communication middleware

(12) The planning and implementation of Anshan Iron and Steel Group ERP system communication middleware.